Canadian wedding present ideas

A girl who I work with (in N. Ireland) is moving home to Canada after getting married, we were looking for ideas for wedding presents. We haven’t got an address yet as she isn’t leaving until the end of the month and I don’t know if she has sorted living arrangements yet. We were going to try and get her vouchers for a department store such as Hudson Bay, but most only send to an actual house address. We thought of asking her what her parents address is and getting them sent there (not too subtle) but I think she is moving to a different state anyway. I thought of Amazon Canada, but their range seems more limited than Amazon US. Are there any other online stores that we can send a voucher to an e-mail address rather than a house address???

Hmmm, yes is just books, movies etc., not like the US one unfortunately. A gift card for The Bay would be good because it is actually connected with several other stores like Zellers and Home Outfitters, so they would have a selection of places to go.

I think the easiest thing would have someone find out where they are moving to, or her parents address. Even if they live in a different province they can still ship the gift card to her pretty easily.

Do you know which Province she is moving to? Here are some ideas I haven’t looked into them so I am not sure how they do gift cards. There’s Sears, Wal-mart, Ikea, Canadian Tire, Pier 1, and I think Paypal does gift certificates. Hope this helps.

Thanks. It got really complicated. She had a party last night for the people who didn’t go to the Canadian wedding. We had a collection in work but we ended up with lots of money, so we decided to just give cash as we didn’t want to make her spend it all in one shop. Plus with so many people contributing it was a huge debate over what to get, so it was the quickest way to resolve the argument!