Canadian Oddball Baby Blanket KAL

The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has gratefully agreed to accept any donations of baby blankets made by the Canadian branch of the Oddball Baby Blanket KAL -

The hospital has certain requirements for these blankets. They must be 3 foot long (36 inches) by 3 foot wide (130 stitches) and must not be either yellow or green. They must be knit with acrylic yarn. The journals that go with the blankets, that tell the child or child`s family the journey the blanket has made to get to them, must not have any reference to religion or any get well wishes.

The hospital has good reason for all these special requests. The requested length and width of the blankets is because they use the blankets to cover the isolettes during the daytime so the babies can sleep better, and this is the size they need for total coverage of the isolette. They also wrap the child in the blankets for cuddle time. They have found that yellow and green clothing or blankets make a sick child look much more ill. They deal with many types of people so they dont want religion mentioned in case it goes against the familys beliefs. They dont want get well wishes in the journal because some of these children will never get well so they dont want hopes elevated unnecessarily.

Ill start the journal and the blanket. Ill CO and knit 6 inches and then mail the blanket to the next knitter, who will add their six inches, and so on and so on, until there are 30 inches knit. Each knitter will have two weeks to complete their part of the blanket. The blanket will then come back to me and I will knit the last six inches (in the same yarn the blanket started with), bind it off, wash it and package it for delivery to the hospital along with the journal for each blanket.

If you are a Canadian knitter and are interesting in participating in this project, please PM me or leave me a message here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Let`s show Toronto, Canada and The Hospital for Sick Children just how much Canadian knitters care about their younger generation!

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P.S. So far we have three members. I am hoping to see that number grow. There are a lot of sick babies in that hospital. It would be nice to give each one a blanket!

I would be interested in joining in on this I am in Regina Sask. send me a pm if you need knitters still.

You can count me in too!

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