Canadian living lovely lacy shawl


did anyone knitted this shawl ?? or is there any error ???

thank you :notworthy:

Could you include a link?

here it is

That is lovely!

pretty huh…any free pattern on shawl that u would recommend ??? i like those that is like the one above…thank you has lots of free shawl patterns. Here are a few that caught my eye:

they look difficult… maybe if i got problem can i ask u ??

Honestly, they don’t look any more difficult than the first one you posted about. I think all of them would be for a fairly experienced knitter. Of course we’d be here to help though, if need be! xxx

thank you for yr help …do u think reading chart or reading between lines better ??

i might try one of them…have u try any of them ?

That is beautiful!! I have added that to the list of must do’s. I MUCH prefer charts. They are much easier to follow. You could always make up your own chart to follow. Knitpicks has a couple free shawls.

I don’t do shawls, so I haven’t made any of those. As far as chart vs. written instructions, you just have to figure out what you prefer. Lots of people prefer charts but i tend to like written out charts.

Let us know what you decide.

same here…i like written pattern…but i shld try the charted ones…the shawl u post here is beautiful !!!

oh I like that shawl, will have to bookmark that one