Canada knitters!


IttyBittyKnitties, I love that line “stitch n bitch”

AH1OZ congratualtions on the new baby, I live in St. Catharines


Hello fellow Maritimer! Been knitting since I was 11 years old but off and on. Had carpal tunnel severely for a few years and had to give knitting, crochet, cross stitch etc. a rest.
Marci :muah:


[COLOR=“Purple”][SIZE=“4”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Amen![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]


I’m from Milton, Ontario.
I’ve been knitting for about a year. I asked for ages for a friend or my mom to teach me and I just kept getting the ‘maybe later’ thing, so I learned by watching videos on YouTube and reading tutorials.
If there’s anyone near Milton that wants to get together and help me figure out what I’m doing and how to not lose my place constantly that would be amazing. :slight_smile:


hello from St. Catharines, Ontario.


Greetings from Saskatoon, SK! :cool:

tj* :x:


Popping in to say AHOY! from Kingston, Ontario :slight_smile:


:happydance: hi I am from Nova Scotia


me too!


Hey Everyone I am from Victoria BC and loving it! I just joined today and I hope to be able to chat with many of you :knitting:


Lethbridge, Alberta!


I’m in Pembroke Ont. Not far from Ottawa.:knitting:


:knitting: Hi everyone. I’m from Orangeville Ontario.


HELLO and Welcome to the forum!!:cheering: :cheering:

I’m in BC…Vancouver Island…come for a visit!:slight_smile:


I’m from Montreal, Quebec and I speak french


I’m another knitter from Ontario. :knitting:


:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:


verrry novice knitter. self-taught with a lot of you tube reference. recently knit a beanie & booties for a great nephew and am currently knitting easter bunnies for grandchildren. my goal is socks & mitts :slight_smile:


I’m in Hamilton.
cool place, but not quite enough knitting shops. (don’t know if there are any/many emoticons on this site, but insert rolling eyes in sarcastic manner here.)

repeat after me:
I do NOT need any more wool.
I do NOT need any more wool.
I do NOT need any more wool…


Hello from Calgary!