Canada knitters!


Hi, I’m from Abbotsford, B.C.


I take back what I said about the warm weather :expressionless:


I’m in Toronto, ON! Great to see so many of us Canadians here. :hug:


I’m from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and just love knitting help. Helps with just about any questions I have.


Hi everyone!

I’m in Scarborough, Ontario



Hi fellow Canadians

I live 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto.


Hello!! I am a new knitter taking classes. We just recently moved to Canada from the U.S. We are not to far from Kingston. I look forward getting to know everyone here.:slight_smile:


We are heading down to Brighton area on Monday for 10 days. Have you found any good yarn shops around?


Winnipeg, Manitoba! REPRESENT, Y’ALL!!! Lol. I’m surprised I haven’t found more Winnipeggers on here - there’s a pretty big community of us! I guess they’re not all 'net savvy! :woot:


Hello…London, Ontario here.

I love this site…great help from nice people. :knitting:


Calgary, Alberta here :slight_smile:




Another Winnipegger here!!! Hi Zoehendrika!!! So very new to knitting!


Hi from Port Alberni, BC.:waving:


Hello from Ontario…Smiths Falls/Merrickville area here and a fairly new knitter! :slight_smile:


I live in Surrey, BC Have grown up in Vancouver I am just trying to start using this site and get it figured out. Seems awesome!


:waving: HI from Nanaimo! I’m still kind of “new” to knitting - used to do it years (and years and…) ago but never anything too hard lol. My gdaughter rekindled my interest in it last year (she was 12), and now I’m loving it again - mainly knitting for my old dolls. I have a couple that were mine when I was a kid. My Mom kept them in a box for me all those years when I’d forgotten they existed. Fun to see so many other Canadians here! :grphug:


Greetings from Rossland, BC. I am a long time off and on again knitter. In the past couple of years I have become hooked on knitting for my grandbabies and making socks for anyone in the family who is interested!


Hello. I’m from Langley, BC. :hug:


Hi Ya! I am a St. Catharines Gal myself!