Canada knitters!


Hi fellow Canadians, I am in Collingwood, Ontario.


Hi everyone, I am in Collingwood, Ontario.


hi from Toronto! Just picked up knitting again and looking forward to it!:knitting:


I’m near Perth, Ontario…one hour west of Ottawa. My daughter lives in Ottawa, so I visit monthly.


MTLer in Los Angeles for the time!


Howdy from Listowel Ontario! Learning to :knitting: Spending more time :frog: (LOL)



i’m in the niagara region of ontario

i would like to knit more buts hard with a 2 month old!


Well, I think I’m the only one from NEWFOUNDLAND who posted to this thread yet. Seems to be all the knitters around here are pretty traditional, not the type to be on forums and stuff. One day, knitting will make a comeback and be a hip, young, urban-type hobby again. I’m 30, not young, not old. I had no interest in knitting until I started looking for unique baby shower gift ideas. And I’m not talking sweaters and hats, I’m talking stuffed toys, diaper bags, and mobiles. But after I learned how to knit, I didn’t do any baby gifts, except the one for my daughter, but I did other projects instead. Now its my hobby-du-jour!


Hi everyone :muah: I am on Vancouver Island. I am a very novice knitter as although I learned the basic stitches as a child I never seemed to be able to follow a pattern. I then became friendly with a very good knitter to taught me to break it down into sections like following a recipe. It’s all very slowly starting to make sense although I have a long way to go!


I am an island girl too!! Victoria…what about the other island girls?:grphug:


Hi, I’m in St. Catharines Ontario also, lol.


I’m over in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island - about 20 mins from everything lol Any other Islanders here? Would love to meet more & possibly find a day for get-togs to work for all of us :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m from Kitchener, Ontario!


Hi there, I’m from Edmonton, Alberta and have been knitting about a year :slight_smile:


Just saying hi, I was born and raised in Sask… lived my married life in Fort Qu’Appelle… and now I’m in Hamilton ON…

Can anyone tell me how to put the Ravelry icons on my signature page??



OOH OOH I’m an Island Girl too!!! Victoria, BC:happydance:


I’m here!! on Denman Island…come for a visit!!:woot:


Hi i am an experienced knitter from Hamilton Ontario & id like to make new knitting friends.
Drop me a line if ur in my area & want a good stitch n bitch buddy :slight_smile:


I’m from Ottawa, ON - where we are finally seeing some warmer weather!


HI everyone! I saw a few replies from people in Kitchener, that’s where I live now. Origionally from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. :slight_smile: