Canada Day!

So, its almost July 1st. Most of us here in Canada will get Wed. off work.

If the weather clears, (we’ve had torrential rain since yesterday, LOTS of water fell down) there will be fireworks, which I’ll be able to see from my apt. on the “mountain”. (really, the upper edge of the Niagara Escarpment. but we like to call it a mountain. )

I plan on sorting wool, and maybe rearranging my furniture.

man, do I know how to party.

Anyone else got plans?

Enjoy your wild and crazy party and Canada Day. We’ll be celebrating on the 4th. With I could see your fireworks and you could see ours.

wouldn’t that be fun?

YEARS ago, we had a huge month long fireworks display, put on by Dumaurier. (yeah, the cigarette company).

It was held OVER the lake, on the Toronto shoreline, and was tied in with great music that was aired by CBC I think.

it was a 2 hour show, you could see it from all over the place. We used to head to a friends with a condo at the foot of Yonge st, 34 floor overlooking the lake and Toronto Island.

those were some pretty good times.

Sounds fantastic. Enjoy celebrating Canada Day!

I should knit little 'purse pockets" in white with a red Maple Leaf.
handy for holding keys, bus tickets, condoms…