Canada and USPS - outrageous rates!

I wanted to order a bag of Elann Esprit, which was only 15$, but the shipping prices are too outrageous for me to even consider ever buying from them. Just the shipping by airmail is 28$!:passedout: And what should a girl with no normal LYS in the whole country do :wall: ? The post rates in US and Canada are making it almost impossible to shop online. I ordered a bag of SWTC Twize and 2 balls of sock yarn from LittleKnits yesterday and paid 38$(!!!) for the shipping. What do all the sales worth if i pay so much for shipping? I haven’t bought myself any clothes in the past 2-3 months, so i could afford to spend some money on yarn and then i spend half of it on shipping! Sorry, just wanted to vent…

The prices does seem a bit OTT. is there no companies closer to Israel that offer online shopping. Maybe the shipping would be less. Although there are quite a few yarns in the US that I have never heard of here in the UK. Hope you find somewhere closer to home so you don’t have to give your hard earned cash to the post office.

Any idea of shipping from UK to you? I live in the UK with US po box, and I order online all the time. I would love to help if I can.

Poor you :hug: It was like that with my anniversay Peaches and Creme, the shipping cost more than the actual order! :doh:

Thank you, Joanne! Usually shipping from UK is lower, but the selection of yarns is different. I can’t always afford Rowan and Debbie Bliss. I checked and the Small Packets Mail is about 15$ for a 700gr package (1.5 lbs=bag of yarn), so it’s more reasonable. How much do you pay to get stuff from US?
Places like and KP or Peaches and Creme are great for good cheap yarn. And i definitely can’t find closer places to order from. I’m in the Middle East, Europe is the closest place to look for yarns and then US.

I usually pay around $5 to $10 depending on weight. When I order, I usually do a large order once every 3 or 4 months so shipping is spread out. Of course if I order more than a certain amount at different stores, I get the free shipping.

Check out the shipping from this place

That’s the good thing about having US PO box, because you get the free shipping…

I know how you feel! I rarely use online stores in the US for that reason too. Most of the times, shipping prices are just ludicrous. I’ve seen an ad for Yarnmarket that says something like “we ship to Canada” but their prices are just insane. I did a test with them once: 26$ of shipping to Canada for 5 skeins yarn. :shock: Do they use a limousine or what? :teehee: Needless to say I got my yarn elsewhere! :shrug:

I have to add that I just mailed a manila envelope with paperwork in it for hubby and for the cheap mailing it was $6. This is inside the US. Then the clerk told me that if the address was wrong or delivery could not be completed it would cost $6 when it was returned. Priority mail was going to be about $9. It was maybe a lb. at best of paper.

Maybe talk to the vendor directly to work something out. There is an international flat rate box (it comes in three sizes) that costs about $8.60 to mail. One of the sizes should fit a bag of yarn (unless it is super bulky). My friend has been mailing these packages from the US to her daughter in Iraq. They take a week to arrive.


I hear ya about the rates. WTH is goin on???
I ordered my hubbiness a t-shirt (mind you just a dang t-shirt) from Canada and the dang freight was 25 bucks!!! And that was ground not even air.

That’s just wrong! Sounds waaaay too much :noway:

I must say I can’t blame anyone for complaining about US or Canadian postal charges.

A friend sent me a card from Canada the other week and it cost her $3.75 to mail - it wasn’t overly big or bulky and I felt really bad that she’d had to pay so much for postage. Total Rip-Off!!

I’m sure it would be worth checking out Momwolf’s thread - plus the International rate Flat Pack boxes don’t seem to be too over the top, either.

We thought we had it bad over here when Royal Mail started charging for the depth of packages, as well as weight - each time I go to the post office with a package, Bev or Sue, the post ladies, put it through a slot in a plastic ‘post box’ to measure the depth and charge the appropriate price.

Even with all that palaver, prices here seem much more reasonable - there would be ructions if it cost £3.75 to post an Airmail greetings card of the same size - and I think Hallmark cards would be out of business overnight.

Hope you can find some sort of reasonable postal rate.

Give me a shout if I can help in any way at all.


I guess it shows our priorities. Getting our yarn delivered quickly and cheaply. I don’t seem to be as exercised about gasing up the car or the rapidly rising price of groceries, but the increase in shipping rates because of oil prices seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Nat, sorry that you are having problems with shipping. The international flat rate box is what I use to ship goodies to friends. Could you have your yarn mailed to someone in the States who would then mail it on to you? Someone on the East coast, preferably.

I don’t really have no one in the States that can help me, except for you guys/gals. Jeremy mailed me some goodies from KP in 2 priority mail boxes, it was about 72$-74$ shipping ( i think each box was 38$?). Maybe this intl flat rate box is not valid for mail to Israel :shrug:? Is it big? And why is East cost preferable?

i feel your pain! right before xmas i got a commission from a friend. i asked him for $40 for it because it was going to be a lot of work. i put it in a manilla envelope and mailed it out with canadapost and it cost $20 to send (to new york). it wasn’t even close to a pound, just a hat in an 8x11 envelope. when he recieved it, the envelope was cut open (not torn, actually cut) and the hat stolen. there was nothing i could do but they had basically stolen half my commission, and i had to knit it again and find another way to deliver it.

i no longer use canadapost, but i also can’t deal with the ridiculous prices of usps and other non-gov’t postal services, so basically i’ve been rendered unavailable from taking any commissions from outside the GTA, and that makes me really sad.

i hope there’s a better option out there somewhere!

My bad… the International One Rate box is $37 from the US. However whatever you can cram into it without going over 20 lbs is still the same price.


The postage rates are high. I work for a yarn supplier - when we ship something overseas, we charge exactly what Canada Post charges us and it is very expensive. I had someone purchase one of our kits and the basic shipping was over $60.00. We get complaints about our rates, but it still costs us more to ship than we collect…hard to fight the big guys.