Can you unravel your cast on edge?

Hi I’m working on a scarf that I’m knitting with hand-dyed yarn. When I bought it they said one skein would be enough but it’s too short so I bought another skein but it’s not the same color. The yarn is meant to have variations from orange to pink but the skein I kit the scarf with is very pink and the new one is a lot more orange.

The woman at the store suggested I unravel some rows from the working end of my scarf and alternate working the old skein and the new one for a while before changing over to the new skein to blend the colors. I did that but the scarf still looks noticeably pinker for most its length and then gets really orange at one end.

I wanted to add yarn to the cast-on end to make it at least look symmetrical but I know if I just pick up stitches I will have a really obvious pink/orange line and I want to blend it like I did the one at the working end.

Is there any way I can unravel part of my cast on edge and work from it (I’m doing moss stitch so the orientations of the stitch would be really hard to tell unless someone was looking really closely) or would doing that unravel the whole piece?

You can’t just unravel the cast-on edge as easily as you would the bound-off edge.

You could cut it and pick it out and then pick up your stitches. The best thing is to put in a life-line on a row in the edging and pick out up to there, but that might be difficult on seed stitch.

Thanks I thought of that I’ve just never done it before and I was scared that you couldn’t pick out the cast-on edge in the same way because it would be upside down, or something… I’m pretty sure I can get a lifeline though if I’m patient.