Can you start steeking after separating sleeves and body .. as an afterthought perhaps ?

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Would it be possible to start steeking AFTER the yoke is done and sleeves separated ? I am making a cardigan with merino/mohair on a 2,5 mm needle and I’m more and more annoyed with the purling … with the small needles and stitches it’s so tricky to make it look even.
So … would it be possible to join in the round with extra steek stitches at this point in the process?
If you have done this I would love to hear from you … one of my concerns is that it will be a visible / noticeable difference on the edge / buttonband after sewing in the steek … from the armpit and up to the collar there will be no steek folded over so it might appear “thinner”
I hope my question makes sense.
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Mie (Denmark)

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You’ve thought of the real drawback in changing to a steek at this point, the thickness of the fold back. If you minimize the fold back so that it’s essentially a seam with perhaps an added button band, it may still be too noticeable. Can you give this a try on a swatch? Since it’s comparatively thin yarn, I’m wondering just how noticeable it will be.
The other problem may be the change from knitting and purling to just knitting stitches in the round.
It’s possible too that blocking will even out the sts. That won’t prevent having to purl but maybe even the look of the knit fabric.
What is the name and designer of your pattern?

Thank you for replying so fast!
I’m making the DAA cardigan by Isabell Kraemer (not striped but single color) and using Hobbii extra fine merino + kid silk (24 stitches or 10cm)
Yes if I only make 3 or 5 steek stitches then the fold might not be too bad - and I am going to knit a button band afterwards.

Isabell Kraemer’s patterns are so well written and the results are beautiful.
See how this yarn combination steeks. The Hobbii that I see listed on Ravelry is machine washable which makes me wonder if it’s a superwash and less likely to meld together and tangle the way you like a steek to reinforce itself and prevent unraveling.