Can you say Yummmmmm

Hey, just got back from purchasing my monthly luxury item…Mango Moon Sari… :happydance:

Not sure what to make with it, any ideas?

Rhy :inlove:

Oh, yeah, I just saw some of that yarn when I was out of town last weekend…it’s yummy, indeed :wink:

How many yards, etc? One pattern I’ve seen for silk like that was a book cover…but that seems kind of boring.

Ahhh, that would be totally cool to make a book cover & I def. would if I used a particular book all the time like a journal or something…will keep it in mind though.

Hmm :thinking: Someone was thinking
Rhy :XX:

THIS is where I found it.

Hey, same color as mine too…thanks for this…its terrific!

Rhy :thumbsup:

Ok…lets try to post this pic again…

Rhy :rollseyes:

Hooray :lol: it worked…

Im still scratching my head about what to make…there’s 150 yards…

I have so many scarves now…and it coming on summer too…hmm…


Oh wow, that is some beautiful yarn!!! :shock:

I have this pattern which seems perfect. It’s from the pattern a day calendar. It’s made out of a silk yarn just like yours.

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I keep forgetting that I have some sari silk yarn. I hear a KAL calling!!!

I did this scarf and a tam for my SL. The weight was great for a tam. I run a kid mohair, in navy, with the sari to give it a softer look. Have fun and remember to knot the ends, the stuff is to slick and heavy.

Wow, nice purse…that scarf looked like it took some time as well!!!

I’m sorry but what is a KAL :thinking: (think i asked this before…lol)

Rhy :lol:

It’s a knit-a-long! People who want to knit the same item post about their yarn choices and progress.` It’s fun!

I’m drooling here that yarn is so yummy looking!

Ahhhh, I’m down with a cold & my head is abit thick if you know what i mean, as soon as i read your reply I remembered…thanks so much!

Glad you all like the yarn, i like it too…maybe i’ll knit acouple of sideways scarves one for my sis & the other for my Mum, they like getting that kind of stuff tooooo.

Rhy :XX:

Just be sure to wind the yarn into a ball by hand. I had a defective skein of their cotton viscose. It was breaking in the middle of the project. Mango moon told me that winding it on a ball winder may harm the yarn. They are also being very nice and sending me a new skein.

:thinking: well heck, thats great that they are sending you a new skein!

Yeah, i dont have a winder, so i did it by hand, what a racket i must say, was in knots…but tis done!

Just realized that Mothers Day is next wk so im using it for something for my Mumma.


Oh, my…that yarn is gorgeous, just as gorgeous as the yarn we saw in the LYS out of town!! I must get some if we do a KAL :thumbsup:

Once again you’ve chosen a gorgeous yarn. I can’t wait to see what you turn out with it. I just loved your other scarf that you knit lengthwise. I am sure whatever you do will be a masterpiece!