Can you make a stretchy knit stitch from a non-stretchy yarn?

I am going through some of my old yarn and found some chenille I would love to make wrist warmer/glovelets with, but when I cast on for the hand, it is not stretchy at all and barely has any give. The next few rows are really stretchy, though. I cable cast on, and had been having wonderful results with wool blends. Is there any way I can get the chenille to be more stretchy with the cast on? (Am I knitting too tight? I’m really bad about that.)

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Try this for a stretchy cast on.

How is that stitch done Continentally?

errr, the other way - English. I knit right to left…

The cast on is shown with the loops formed by the left hand and the sts going onto a needle held in the right hand. You can then knit with it as you wish.

Sure. Try the Twisted German cast on. This is a stretchy cast on that stretches out as far as the knitting will allow, but snaps back to original shape easily. I use this one for hats, mittens, gloves, and sock cuffs. I learned it here at KH. :slight_smile: