Can you "lock" your knitting?

I’ve been working on a lace stole and wouldn’t you know it, I dropped a stitch and didn’t notice it right away. By the time I did, it was so far down it wasn’t fixable (with the decreases and yos and such to figure out) that I frogged the whole thing and started over.

So, I wonder, is there a way to “lock” your knitting so that if you mess up you can frog back to a certain point and then pick up stitches? I’m thinking like maybe pulling a piece of scrap yarn through live stitches on the needle and then leaving it at that spot when you continue on, moving it up periodically.

Is that possible?

It’s not only possible, it’s called a lifeline. If you look under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Fixing Mistakes, Inserting a lifeline, you’ll find exactly the technique you describe. Good luck with the lace stole!

Lifeline, lifeline, lifeline. Best thing ever. Especially when working with lace. OMG. The number of times I have saved my own butt using a lifeline.


That is SO good to know. I’d have saved myself two weeks of work! Curses!