Can you identify this?

A lady donated a HUGE bag of yarn to our church recently. My grandmother let me have my pick of the contents before she took it to the prayer shawl ladies. I picked out several very pretty yarns. And then I took these, but I have no idea what they are or what to do with them. What is it? Can I knit with this? I had originally thought to pair it with a yarn of the same color to give the garment a hint of shine. But it seems to fray easily and this concerns me. I paired the natural colored one with a fine yarn and knitted a small swatch and had trouble not fraying it with my needle.

do a burn test.

take snippets of the yarn

and a metal pie plate (or other fire proof surface.

place snippets in pie plate.

use a match to set yarn on fire.

does it smell like hair when burning ? (it might be silk)

does its smell like plastic? (might be nylon --it will also leave a hard plastic ‘bead’ as ash)

does it smell nice? could be rayon (a celulose/wood fiber) and it will leave an powdery ash.

(or try dying a snip in some water , food coloring and acid (vinegar)

does it take up the dye? (animal fiber a silk of some sort)
does it resist dye? synthetic or plant fiber.

try again boiling (use microwave) and SALT (or better SALT and BAKING SODA (and water, and food coloring)

does that work (a plant fiber of some sort)

no dye take up? (with vinegar or with baking soda? a synthetic)

Wow! and I was just going to say, “Of course! You can knit with anything!” LOL

I don’t know what it is, but doing a swatch and washing would let you know what it’s going to do.

I have seen something similar in my LYS and it was lace-weight yarn, very fine and thin and almost looks like thread. Perhaps another possibility would be reinforcing thread/yarn for socks? Or, there is also something called ‘carrying’ yarn that you knit along with another thicker yarn.

Anyone else?