Can you identify this stitch?


I’m making a shrug which requires a mock rib stitch for the body. The pattern for the mock rib is given as: (RS) K1P1 across. WS) P1, SL1YF across.

My “interpretaton” of the [B]SL1YF[/B] and the (WS) row is as follows: I purl the first stitch - slip the next stitch as if to purl - then purl the next stitch.

First of…can anyone explain the need [U]to say [/U]YF (yarn forward) since it’s already forward due to the first purl stitch? Perhaps I’m thinking too logically! :think:

That’s how I’ve been knitting my mock rib and it certainly doesn’t resemble this lovely stitch pattern. :tap: Can anyone tell me what I’m looking at (with envy) and better yet, explain how to do it?

As always, many thanks.


It reminds me of this dishcloth pattern I came across recently.

It may be called Linen Stitch too. The wyif is just a reminder to [B]keep[/B] the yarn there, instead of moving it to the back for the slip st.

It reads the same as this one but oddly does look different.

I wonder if your picture is of the reverse side or they have used the back of st pattern as front.

This broken rib looks similar both sides to the above, but has no slip sts.

Are you knitting on even or odd number of sts? Should be an odd number… So row 1 would be k1, p1, ending with a k1 and row 2 would be P1, sl 1 wyif, repeat, ending with p1.

This is my fave! Harmony calls is Pillar St. (I have back of sweater I designed worked in it. Yet to fig out fronts, sleeves.)


suzeeq, I saw that too. No, my stitches were even not odd so that may have made a difference. I think the Pillar Stitch that cam posted may do the trick. I’ll try it both ways. Thanks a bunch.

Hi Cam - this looks a LOT like the stitch I’m trying to make. It’s hard for me to read the print. Could you please give me instructions for the Pillar Stitch? Many thanks.

Cam, by the way what’s Harmony and which magazine or book do you have? Is it still available? I would love to get a copy. Thanks again!

Deborah, it’s a Harmony stitch guide, an encylopedia of stitch patterns.

It may be that the original rows work over even stitches, and what I posted work over odd stitches and may be the same, I’m not sure. Are you doing the Circular shrug? A lot of people got driven batty by the mock rib and did it either in stockinette or a lacy rib.

Sue, how did you guess? LOL! Yes, I’m doing the Circular Shrug and really like the way this stitch looks. I initially wrote to the person who made this shrug and she thought she followed the pattern exactly but would check. Hers [B]definitely[/B] looks different from all the others including mine. I want to find out how to do this stitch and get this affect. Sue, can you explain the Pillar Stitch from the book for me. I’ll be purchasing the Harmony Stitch Guide soon but is there one in particular you like? Again, thank you.

I don’t know of very many patterns that have a Mock rib stitch, so that part wasn’t hard. :wink: It’s cam who has the Harmony Guide, I’ve just heard about them.

I looked up the pattern on Ravelry, some look different - a couple looked like yours on the inside. Does the other side of your look different? This one - looks just like yours though, so maybe that’s right…

Hi Sue - I don’t know how the other side looks because the knitter photographed only this side. I made a swatch with an uneven number of stitches last night and sadly, it didn’t look right either. The one pictured looks more like a “weave” don’t you think?

Another question…the 5" rib I’ve already done has an [B]EVEN [/B]number of stitches. If I were to knit the body of the shrug with an UNeven number of stitches would I be better off decreasing or increasing ONE stitch to attain an uneven amount? Perhaps only ONE stitch won’t make a big difference but I thought I’d ask. Also, the link you furnished didn’t take me to the circular shrug you wanted me to see. Can you try another please.

Someone HAS to be familiar with this stitch and I’m like a dog with a bone and won’t give up until I find it! The one Cam showed out of the Harmony Guide really looks like it.

Thanks again.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Hi Cam - I’m beginning to think the “Pillar” stitch is in fact the one I want. I strained my eyes to read the page from the Harmony Guide you posted and this is what I believe I saw: 1st row wrong side purl -2nd row K1 *yf, k2, pass yf over k2, rep from * to last st, k1. Rep these 2 rows.

Following the above instructions, I tried a swatch last night and it was a complete failure. It didn’t resemble the Pillar stitch at all. Maybe I’m not understanding the instructions properly.

This is exactly what I did…[B]1st row wrong side purl -[/B] Simple enough, just purl the entire row. [B]2nd row K1 *yf, k2, pass yf over k2, rep from *[/B] - Second row…I knit 1, then place the yarn forward as if to purl and knit 2 individual stitches (as opposed to knitting two together). Next I again bring the yarn forward again and knit another two individual stitches. I THINK THIS IS WHERE I MAY BE MAKING MY MISTAKE. The instruction states, “Pass yf over k2” and it’s obviously not the same as what I initially did in the second row. Doing it the way I did resulted in a huge increase in the number of stitches after completing that row. I know that’s not right. I guess the best thing is to ask for explicit instructions explaining this.

Sorry to appear so dense about this but would you kindly give me a “blow by blow” instruction on how to do the: [B]2nd row K1 *yf, k2, pass yf over k2, rep from *[/B]

Thank you so much for your patience and help.


Deborah, if that’s not your work, then I’m not so sure you’re doing it wrong. It looks a like a picture I saw on Ravelry of the [B]inside[/B] of the shrug. Here’s a picture of Mock Rib - and it looks like the picture you posted.

For the pillar st “[COLOR=Blue] [B]2nd row K1 *yf, k2, pass yf over k2, rep from *”

[/B][/COLOR]K1, *yo, k2, pass the yo over the 2 sts, repeat. The yo increases the sts, but passing it over - like psso - keeps the number the same.

I wonder if you are suppose to P1 take the yarn to the back, slip 1, yf, P1. Taking the yarn to the back would make that little bar across the stitch. Just a thought.

Jeesh! This is being made out to be much more complicated than it is.

BTW, the Pillar St is NOT a mock rib, IMO (as mentioned by the orig poster).

The RS row instructions: K1, yfwd (as if to P), K2 sts, lift yfwd over K2. The yfwd created a st and is now the third st from the tip of your right ndl. Lift it over the two K sts to its left. Rep the yfwd, K2, pass over. The lifting over of the yfwd creates the bar at the base of the K2. That’s it. Pretty mindless but gives a very nice result, IMO.

Below are images of the back of Pillar St and the Wrapped St (same st from Big Book of Knitting St Patts) .


I was just about to post that it looks a lot like pillar stitch. I am doing a scarf in pillar stitch right now and that’s how it looks. Here’s how I do it:

Row 1 and all WS rows: Purl
Row 2 and all RS rows: P1, *yo, K2, pass yo over knit stitches, repeat from * until last stitch, P1.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Cam - With your explanation I got it right away! Perfect…that was it. I just wasn’t understanding the “lift” part of the pattern. Lifting the newly created stitch over the 2 knitted stitches DID give me the bar. Unfortunately, at times I’m way too literal and if the pattern had stated “lift” yarn over last two stitches I would have understood. I’m still a bit new reading patterns but now I’ll be better equipped to decipher these things. Thank you SO much.[/COLOR]

Glad you finally fig’d it out. Sometimes over-thinking makes things seem more complex than they really are. You’ll come to learn there are different (yet synonymous) ways to express certain knitting actions.