Can you identify this stitch, please?

I’m in a catch 22 situation here, because I have to post a thread before I can post an image of a stitch I am trying to identify. As I’m new to the forum I can’t do so until I’ve posted - so here is my first post! Hi folks!

I came across this commercial sweater and would dearly like to knit one like it, but I’ve been unable to work out the open ‘basket weave’ stitch in the body of the sweater. I’ve looked at a few pattern libraries, but can’t find it. I’ve also tried to duplicate it, but no luck so far. Does anyone know it or have any idea how to do it.

I have come up with an approximation of this stitch which repeats over 4 stiches. If any one is interested in making a fairly large hole, either in pattern or for a largish button, it goes as follows.
1st row: knit 2 tog, knit 2 tog in reverse of stitch
2nd row: purl one, double yarn over, purl one
3rd row: knit one, double yarn over at the same time picking up previous double yarn over, so that you have 2 threads of double yarn over, knit one.
4th row:purl one, purl one into first part of double yarnover picking up 2 threads, knit one into second part of double yarn over again picking up 2 threads, purl one.
5th row: purl
6th row purl
Sounds much more complicated than it actually is and makes a fairl firm hole and ends up like a holey waffle pattern.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
I think you’ve set a record for posing a question and answering it yourself. It’s a great looking sweater and I’m glad you managed an approximation of the stitch used.

Thanks for sharing your solution. :thumbsup: I had no idea how to do it.