Can you identify this stitch? (etsy link)

This is just a beautiful stitch. I know I’ve seen it before somewhere but I can’t identify it. I’ll get my big Stitch Dictionary out but maybe one of you knows what it is by looking? It’s so pretty I want to make one.

WOW! I really wish I knew! that is so beautiful! If you figure it out, please post what it is and the pattern, I would use that stitch a lot!

if you look furter that their list of things for sale, she is selling the pattern.

It almost looks like tunisian crochet to me. I’d love to know what stitch it is too! Looks very cozy.

Oh gee, I didn’t notice she was selling the pattern. Will go back to see that. Thanks! Tunisian crochet hmmmm. I crochet also but I’m pretty sure this is knit.

That is gorgeous.

If you tilt your head so the right edge of the picture is the bottom, you can see the knit sts offset by a strand of yarn, in a checkerboard pattern.

Reminds me of something too, maybe the Chinese Waves Dishcloth?

Just done with a heavier yarn, on fairly big needles.

It’s kind of like a herringbone st and similar to the one on My So Called Scarf.

It is reminding me of the stitch used in this hat (ravelry link)

Actually, I just finished the girly version of that hat (Amanda hat pattern) and looking at my hat, I think if you skipped the first yos, you’d be pretty close, assuming the right side of the pic is the cast off edge.

So, I would try: (psso = pass slipped stitch over BOTH the knit and the yarn over)
cast on even # of stitches, knit one row
row 1 slip, knit, yo, psso
; repeat to end
row 2 purl to end
repeat these 2 rows!

To me it looks like the linen stitch turned sideways with chunky yarn. The link is a pattern for a similar free pattern.

It looks like the herringbone pattern I looked at this morning, only rotated to the side.


Hi Victoise and all!

Thank you so much for the great feedback about my cowl/neckwarmer (Ivoire) and the stitch that I used! It does look a little like the herringbone from My So Called Scarf, but it’s not (truly!). I do offer the pattern, with all my stitch pattern secrets :slight_smile: , at my shop.

Thanks again!

Brenda from Phydeaux Designs

My first guess is the Linen stitch knit on a diagonal bias with large needles.

Is there a prize for getting the closest description? :wink:

Which pattern is it?

You may already have checked this out, but it looks to me like the “Cashmere Neckwarmer”, a free pattern on Ravelry.

Hopefully, I won’t get in trouble for adding the pattern link here :slight_smile:

elvijoe, cashmere neckwarmer uses a linen stitch (it’s a beautiful neckwarmer!), which this doesn’t! But it does look a little similar!

Thanks again!!!


Putting in a link is fine and helps everyone trying to answer you.

I don’t know why people think it wouldn’t be okay…

Suz, phydeaux is the owner of the pattern. My guess is she doesn’t want to be seen as trying to solicit while answering the question!

Phydeaux, congrats on your lovely cowl, and I hope you see all of our interest as the positive it is. While I enjoy the challenge of trying to recognize and decipher stitch patterns, I would not want you to lose any $. It is a fun game for me, and I’d only ever attempt to make something similar, never try to recreate an exact (if I wanted that, I’d buy the pattern!) :mrgreen:

Suz, phydeaux is the owner of the pattern. My guess is she doesn’t want to be seen as trying to solicit while answering the question!

I see. No, that wouldn’t be seen as solicitation because she’s making a contribution to a thread someone else started with questions about her pattern. If she had just come into a random thread with her link, that might be more problematic.

Welcome, Phydeaux; hope you’ll be able stick around and join us.

I checked the Armando hat link you provided. I agree that the stitch pattern matches the pattern of the OP question.

I think the etsy neck warmer makes a nice companion to the hats.

I was thinking Herringbone as well until someone thought Chinese Waves. Both are possible. Beautiful cowl no matter the stitch. Not much use for them where I’m at. It’s still 90.