Can you help me with this pattern?

I am making a sweater and it’s my first. Now, the instructions for making the raglan were pretty clear, but now I get lost after having bound off the necessary stitches for the neck. The pattern reads:

“At 47cm for the neck, knit 14, cast off 24
stitches and knit 14”. (This I did).
“Finish each side separately, knit 2 rows and cast off on the neck side 4sts, and repeat once. And bind off”

I am super confused!!! I cannot cast off on the neck side when I am coming from the arm side (thus ending on the neck side). Does it mean then, cast off 4sts when starting the row on the neck side and then simply knit (or purl) the other row to come back? Then I will need 4 rows to cast off 8 stitches right?

And when it reads to “repeat once”, I think it’s a mistake, I have the pattern also in French and the French version reads to cast off 6 stiches (makes sense because I will have 6sts left, not 8).

I’m sorry for the confusing message, I am also confused because the English and French versions don’t really match. But the sweater is super pretty and I want to try.

If you can help me, I’ll be super grateful!

Thanks in advance


Hi Mag and welcome!
Can you give us the name of the pattern please and a link to it if possible? It’s always a help to see the sweater.

Is this the back neck or the front? It sounds like you finish up on the right shoulder. The directions aren’t so clear working from there. They make a bit more sense for the left shoulder. Nevertheless, work the extra row so that you’re at the neck edge for the bind off. Then I would think you finish that row, work one more row, turn at the neck edge again and bind off. So in other words, that’s your 2 rows between bind offs.

Hi! It’s this one. The etsy shop seems to be closed at the moment, but I found the pic in my bought items.

The pattern says both front and back are exactly the same, so it only gives the instructions I posted after finishing the raglan. I did the cast off 24 stitches on a knitting row (instead of purling) which means that indeed I ended on the right shoulder side (the one without the cable). My next row was purling toward the neck, and I did not cast off there because I couldn’t, I had to wait for the following knit row where I started with casting off 4 sts, Then I “came back” to the neck by purling and then again cast off 4 stitches on the following knit row.

This is the same you are saying right?

The sweater instructions I think are written for super-experienced people who will know what it means at a glance. But anyway I am learning a lot from this pattern!

Ok, this is the link, forgot to paste it before!

Exactly! That’s what I would do. It’s a very common kind of neck and shoulder bind off.

Good for you for making this pattern. It’s the best way to learn.

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Glad to know I don’t have to undo it all for the 4th time! I will make sure to note this by hand in the pattern, to prevent forgetting and going desperate again :wink:

It’s always useful to stick a pen/pencil in your bag for pattern notes - I always note down how many rows I do to get a certain length. For example if pattern says “continue in st st until work measures 40cm” I will have a little note to say 40cm = X rows. That way if I have to do it again I can work the same amount of rows and not have to faff around measuring my work.

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True Evie, this pattern has this too “continue until X cm”, I actually make a list of numbers and cross them down as I go… I don’t even trust myself counting rows! Because for this sweater I have to make the front identical to the back (ideally), and same goes for the sleeves of course.
I thought of buying one of this little things to count rows, but I see myself thinking it’s not useful a week after having purchased it, so…

Evie’s suggestion is very helpful. Good notes are invaluable on a pattern.
You have a little leeway in knitting because it is stretchy. A row or two here or there usually isn’t critical. For the shoulder shaping however, it would be good to keep notes and make the front and back match.
For the sleeves, since there’s usually increases at each end spaced out over several rows, I recommend knitting both sleeves at the same time with two balls of yarn. The same works for cardigan fronts.
Enjoy the knitting and post a photo when you finish. We’d love to see your sweater.

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its not a king cole pattern is it??? When I go home at Xmas I am determined to call into where they are and tell them what i think of their patterns. They never replied to my email because they don’t use commas, I presume its someone who isn’t as old as me…

Hi Enna, the pattern is from the Etsy shop MarcelleetClo, very pretty sweaters but the instructions are TINY, I mean, 2 or 3 paragraphs… I seriously took months to dare trying, and I had to figure out how I had to do the cables, because I understood how to make the cable row but nothing else was explained (for a beginner this means watching a zillion youtube videos until you understand that there must be some rows in between the back cable and the front cable… this is just an example). Same goes for the shaping of the shoulders, and that was more dramatic because by the time I got to the shoulders I had quite a big knitted piece hanging from the needle. Did not really fancy making big mistakes and risking the whole thing since I am still pretty bad at undoing knitwork.

However I should stop whining, this is all my fault, she does state somewhere that the pattern is for intermediate knitters. I still think though that for 9 dollars she could have made the effort to add a few more explanations, making my life easier :blush: and that way more beginners would try.