Can you help me to read the chart for the Adamas shawl?

I am trying to get started on the Adamas Shawl, designed by Miriam Felton. I am an intermediate knitter and this is my second lace project. It looks to be within my skill level but the chart is confusing. I have several questions and really hope someone can help. I will list them:

How do I read the gray space between the first three stitches (k2, yo) and the rest of the pattern?

The red box seems to be the pattern repeat, but what is the red line on either side of the center stitch?

How are the scallops knit? If I follow the chart, starting with the upper chart, the edge is straight with a kind of eyelet border, like the one on either side of the center stitch. This does not look like the picture.

I think if I could just get started, I could figure the rest out as I go along.
Thanks for your help.

I don’t have this pattern, but I can tell you that for scallops, the chart will not look like the finished product. The combination of stitches will end up with a scallop, but the rows are charted straight, if that makes sense.

Gray or black spaces mean no stitch. Just do whatever the next charted stitch is. The rows change in the number of stitches, and the “no stitch” spaces keep the chart lined up correctly.

I’m not sure about the center stitch being outlined, unless they just want you to keep track of the center stitch.

Thanks, Ingrid. That will help.

Hi Daveta-

I pulled the pattern out this morning and took a look. What Ingrid said about the grey space and the scalloped edging looks right to me. Adding to what she mentioned, most lace comes off the needles not looking very good (pile of string/spaghetti is a common discription) and needs to be blocked heavily with pins at each point before it looks like the pictures in the pattern. (You can stretch out and pin a small section as you are working it if you want to check how it is coming out.)

As for the red lines on the chart, I agree that the boxes are the repeat sections but it took me a few minutes to figure out the vertical red lines. After reading through the beginning instructions, I have come to the conclusion that they represent the stitch markers placed at each end and on either side of the center stitch. Given the number of st markers called for and the yarn used, I would recommend going with plain plastic/rubber ring markers rather than decorative beaded or split ring ones (I worry they would catch on the yarn).

I am going to be starting this shawl myself in a few weeks (my knitting group is doing a mini lace KAL), would you like to have a KAL forum here for it?

Thanks Jennifer. I now understand the gray space and have done the first 20 rows of the upper chart with no suggestion of a scallop yet but I will trust the patten and forge ahead. The k1, yo,k1 at the beginning and end of each row produces a lattice effect at the edge that I don’t see in the photograph, but perhaps it will all become clear. Is there some kind of
da Vinci code key to this chart–maybe Leonardo was a secret lace knitter?

What is a KAL forum?

Jennifer, I have the pattern and the yarn, I’m ready to start! If you want, why don’t you start a new topic and maybe others might join!


“KAL” stands for Knit-a-long, where a group of knitters works on the same (or similar in some cases) pattern. On here they usually consist of a thread where people can post questions, hints and/or photos of the work as they do it and everyone can learn from others experiences and have a group of people who know the pattern to ask for help if they get stuck. I will start one to the Adamas shawl in the next day or two and put a link in this thread if you want to join in.


Thanks! I will be watching for it.

Me too!

Here we go!


I think I figured out something about the construction of the shawl that explains why you are not seeing the scallops yet. See my post over in the KAL forum for details.