Can you help me read these instructions?

Hi everyone!
even though i’ve been knitting since i was seven, this is the first time i’ve ever tried a pattern! (i’m 22)
i found this one on
i just have no idea what any of this means! could someone help me by really [I]really[/I] simplistically translating it all to me? dumb it down as much as you can, so i can use the knowledge for other patterns as well!! thank you so much. i am so excited to begin making more exciting hats!

5-st RPC Sl 2 sts to cn and hold to back, k3, p2 from cn.
5-st LPC Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to front, p2, k3 from cn.
6-st RC Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to back, k3, k3 from cn.
6-st LC Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to front, k3, k3 from cn.
(worked over 15 sts)
Row 1 (RS) K3, p4, 6-st RC, p2.
Row 2 K2, p6, k4, p3.
Row 3 5-st LPC, 5-st RPC, 5-st LPC.
Rows 4 and 6 P3, k4, p6, k2.
Row 5 P2, 6-st LC, p4, k3.
Row 7 5-st RPC, 5-st LPC, 5-st RPC.
Row 8 K2, p6, k4, p3.

You just do the sts one by one as described.
“5-st RPC Sl 2 sts to cn and hold to back, k3, p2 from cn.”

This is a R purl cable st - put 2 sts on a cable needle and let them flop to the back of your work, k3 sts from the L needle, the purl the 2 on the cable needle. The other cable sts are worked similarly.

I still dont understand. i know that i have to follow the steps, but could you clarify what each one means? i wasnt kidding when i asked for it to be dumbed down.
I am starting from scratch. what does it mean to “slip to the back of your work”?? i dont understand!!

It doesn’t say ‘slip’ to back of work, it says to hold them in back, I said to let them flop to the back. There’s the sts on the regular needle and a few on the other needle. You have to get them out of the way so you can knit the sts on the left needle first, so you let these sts dangle on the cable needle, either to the front or back, while you work the sts on the L needle. Making cables is just knitting the sts out of order.

I don’t think we have a cable video on this site, but if you search youtube you should find a couple. Even if you find one that’s a 2 and 2 or 3 and 3 cable, that’s just how many sts are involved, the actions of putting the sts on the cable needle and holding it to the front or back and knitting the sts off the left needle first will be the same.

thank you! :slight_smile: