Can you help me please?

I’ve only just started knitting but I’m getting my knickers in a twist already lol

I’m using (Patons) Smoothie DK and just working to imrpoove my basic knit-stitch BUT the yarn twists a lot as it comes off the ball, I have to keep moving my knitting right down my needle and “dangling” it so it un twists, but 3 or 4 stitches into the next row it’s twisted again.

I hope you can help because it’s really frustrating :??

I just looked at the yarn and it’s one of those loosely plied yarns. I’ve had a similar problem with yarns like that.

I’m not sure there is anything you can do to prevent it entirely. You know how when you get to the end of the row you turn your work to work on the other side? You might try turning your work at the end of the row the other way around. If that twists it then try alternating which what you turn it at the end of rows.

If you’re just learning to knit you might want to get some yarn that will be easier to work with for now.

it seems to be my “technique” (or lack of?) rather than the yarn, I’ve cast on several others (all different types) and it all twists :eyes:

It may be how you hold and wrap the yarn, or just that you’re turning your work the same direction at the end of every row. Pay attention to that, and see if it helps.