Can you help me out

I would like to thank you all for always being their when I need help.
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so I am asking again and Iam sure that I will have to ask again.


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But I am stuck on this part

wk 16 st patt rep row 1 chart A ( wk 27 st patt rep row 1 chart B)3 times wk 16 st patt rep row 1 chart C

I know that their is more of the patteren that I am missing and if you need more of it to help me then I can share that. but if you can help me with what I have now I would really like that…

THANKS, Jenifer:hug:

This is it, right? it is a very pretty scarf - love the lop-sided cables.

You are doing the set up row (row 1) to work the 3 separate sections. Chart A is the cable and looks like seed stitch border on one side. It has 16 stitches.

Then you will go to Chart B and work those 27 stitches of row 1 - do this 3 times as there are 3 cables in the middle section.

Then go to Chart C and work the first row of that chart, it’ll be 16 stitches that are reverse of chart A for the other side.

You’ll work up the scarf doing row 2 of each chart, row 3, etc, etc.

Does that make more sense?

Thank you soo much… now I am stuck again…

the patt reads…

wk 1-20 charts A and C once more at same time working rows 21-40 chart B
cont wking in this way ( charts A and C wked twice for each rep of shart B) until piece meures appox 54 in, etc ect.

my question is so I for get about the B chart tell I am done 1-20 start B when I get to 21.?
I am not that great reading patt.

THank you again Jenifer

No, don’t forget chart B. As you work across your knitting, you need to work the chart row from Charts A, B & C that you are on.

Chart A & C are 20 rows and chart B is 40 rows. You’ll do charts A & C twice, while doing chart B once. ie, you’ll continue working row 2,3,4 etc from each chart. After you finish row 20 of each chart, you’ll start over charts A & C at row 1 while working chart B row 21.

What I do when working charts that have different number of rows, is put a sticky post-it note on each chart (cut it to size if it’s too big) so that as you finish each row on each chart, you’ll move the sticky note up one row to mark the next row.

That is a really good idea thank you

[COLOR=“Magenta”]Where can I get the pattern that you are discussing?
Here’s what it looks like - it’s in the book Inspired Cables, Fiona Ellis. You could try your local library.