Can you help me find yarn?

I want to knit a hat (the braided one) for my nephew. My family is huge into Michigan State–my bother (whose son it is) went there as well. So, I am looking for a yarn to make the hat that is dyed green (dark) and white together. So it can be a cool swirly looking hat for him.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find it–online or in a store?


Your options will be broader if you consider using a strand of each. You could use two dk weight yarns to get close to a worsted weight.

You could use two dk weight yarns to get close to a worsted weight.

What does dk stand for? I am an idiot when it comes to some of the lingo. Also, then I just pretend like it is one strand then? Sounds easy enough. THanks!

dk stands for double knitting. It’s thinner than worsted, a little thicker than sport. You could use two sportweight yarns, too. You just start knitting as if the two are one. After a while you don’t even notice.

I am currently working on the sleeve {my gauge swatch} for the Skacel yarn ad sweater pattern. I wasn’t able to get a marled or ragg-style yarn I liked, so I’m holding two strands of thinner yarn together to make up the thickness {as suggested by Ingrid}. If you want a mottled look to your hat, I definitely recommend this method. The colours, while harmoniously blended, are not completely even, and give a much nicer, random look to the yarn. If you would like to see what I’ve done, send me a message and I can set up my web cam or try to take a picture of what I have so far so you can see the effect… that is if my 3 yo hasn’t run off with my digi cam yet again, and worn out the batteries, YET AGAIN!