Can you help me find this yarn?

I’ve been searching for this for so long and am about to give up. I want to make a couple hats of different colours for my kids this winter out of it. Can anyone tell me what this is or where to get it online?

Thanks so much!

That looks like Knit Picks yarn actually. You can try their website first, if that doesn’t do it try

I just checked my paper catalog from Knitpicks. I believe this is Stroll multicolor yarn. There’s a handpainted Stroll, but I don’t think that’s the one.

It’s beautiful colors. This is another yarn from KP in a worsted weight which comes close although not quite the same as your photo.

Thank you, Salmonmac! Those are beautiful colors. The price on those are great. My LYS charges around $25+ for something like that. I think it’s time to splurge and make myself some of those pop top convertible mittens I’ve been thinking about.

If it’s truly KnitPicks yarn, I think it’s SWISH Tonal, cuz SWISH is sold in HANKS, not skeins. The yarn photo you posted shows yarn as HANKS. (Stroll is sold as skeins.)

But, here’s another lead…it could be [B]Madelinetosh[/B] yarn.:think:

Here’s a photo of a Madelinetosh Merino Light that I bought this past December. (Nectar #174)

Where did you get the picture? That might give us a clue.

My sister-in-law sent it to me (I’m supposed to make hats for my kids and hers) and we just love the colours. She said she saw it here but the lady hasn’t/won’t respond:

Thanks so much for all your help already. Nothing seems to match up quite right but the knit picks is lovely so if all else fails I may try that instead.

Oh, now it’s perfectly clear why the lady won’t respond to inquiries about the exact yarn: she’s trying to sell the baby hat itself for $34, not give other knitters the means to knit the hat themselves! It circumvents her purpose of knitting for a small profit.

I do see why she is not sharing but I’m not making hats for little babies - I’m just making a different hat for my kids and my nieces for the holidays and thought the colours were beautiful (I’m specifically looking for the green one and the red one). Any ideas guys?

Oh yay!!! I am sure I found your yarn! It’s Cascade Pastaza Paints! And it’s essentially discontinued by Cascade. You will have a limited amount of time to find it at an LYS or online shop.

Click here, this online store has 21 colors! Limited quantities.

This is color #9921, Caribbean Seas.

This is color #9843, Paradise Beach.

This is color #9842, Coral Seas.

This color is #9865, Lucky Clover.

Half price on Paradise Beach, click here.

Less than half price on Lucky Clover and Caribbean Sea, click here. (WEBS photos are crappy)

Angelika’s Yarn Store (online): lots of colors, limited quantity on some, full price at $12.50.

I got better search results using BING rather than GOOGLE for the yarn.

You guys are so wonderful! Thank you so so much :slight_smile:

If she’s not sharing, and you think the KP yarn is beautiful, I’d say go there. This Yarn Market looks really close. It’s possible she’s re-photographed her yarn to mask the source a little bit.


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