Can you help me find it please?

I saw a pattern for a pretty knit cable handbag that was a knock off of someone’s $200+ bag. I went out yesterday and bought the yarn and the handles and have misplaced :oops: :oops: my printed instructions!! Its not the one from Knitpicks even tho that is my second choice. The one I was looking for has a ribbon on it also. If you know which one I mean I’d be so happy if you could show me where it is. Thanks so much! :XX: :XX:

I think this pattern & this one may help…hope so :wink:

Rebecca, thank you so much!! The first one was IT!! :smiley:

Nice patterns! Wondering how you would go about lining one… turn it inside out and cut fabric to same shape?

:smiley: I’m happy that was the right one, the one that used to be on the yarniverse website is now gone :shock:
I would think, mulene, that would be the way to line the bag :smiley:

I hav lined 2 bags and I hav chosen my fabric cut it out the same size as the bag, then sewn round 3 sides of it about 1cm from the edge, I then attatch it to the bag by laying it inside and simply sewing, using oversew stitch round the top.

Heres a link for purse linings

I’ve made three bags so far and lining them is a lot of fun for me. I’m also a Quilter so I have a big stash of beautiful fabrics!! I always find a nice selection that coordinate well with my yarns for the bags right in my stash. :XX: :XX: :happydance: .