Can you help me choose please

i posted a few days ago about angel yarns wanting to refund me in 28 days time for a screw up on their part.

i am going to call them tomorrow to see if i can have a credit rather than my money back (dont think i’ll actually get my money back tbh, so thought this was a better solution).

the only thing i need is 1 set of circ bamboo needles for under £6, when they’ve take then p&p off i’ll have about £30 to spend on i dont know what. i am not buying yarn as i have orederd a mass of it from my lys. anyone got any surgestions what to buy please?

i wanted to do a 1 off buy no saving it up as i never want to go near the company again.

the link for angelyarns is (of course this is depending if they have the things in stock :roflhard: )

any ideas please as i am stuck :think:

There is no systemic reason why they can’t give you your money back as quickly as they took it. It sounds to me that they are giving you a load of BS that boils down to them wanting to take their own sweet time to process the transaction. One company (DirectTV) tried to do that with me many years ago. (It didn’t work for them.) In my experience in the world of electronic money transfering (and I’ve worked for a HUGE company that deals in thousands of electronic financial data transactions per day), companies feed consumers a load of crap about processing time blah blah blah …

End result - they took the money 24 hours, so they can return it in 24 hours like the thousands of other merchants in the free world :wink:

If a company refuses to give me my money back in time (especially if they are at fault), I don’t bother extensively arguing with them. If they don’t comply, I bypass them and go straight to my credit card company for a chargeback (which is where the credit card company forcibly takes the money from the merchant and returns it to the consumer). This is sometimes quicker because the credit card company sets deadlines; if the merchant doesn’t meet the deadline, you automatically get your money back pretty quickly. Of course - this will only work if the consumer is truly being victimized (and can prove it).

i ordered on the 1st july and have been fobbed of from the start. i was lied to a last week when tehy said that the money would be returned by today at the latest.

i hadnt thought of contacting worlpay and seeing whta they say. i’ll send them an email tonight and see what they come back with.
i really dont want to buy anything from them again, as i company i think they are terrible.

thanks for the info i will get onto them now

i contacted worldpay who have basicly said that angel yarns havent even started te process of a refund yet!! and that basicly its not there problem as im not there client is up to angel yarns to sort out the refund. what they were implying was i could have recieved the oreder and trying to get a refund as well, i cen see their point why they step back.

i think its going to be oredring stuff of the value just so i at least dont loose anything. i cant see they will refund me ever, so this is better than nothing.

all i need is a some bamboo circu’s thats it, nothuign else in the price range (everything is £70+) other than that.

any ideas please guys

If you’ve only ordered yarn from your lys, you could always get some knitting books or patterns to go with the yarn. Of course you could just get some Rowan magazines and send them to me. :wink:

Good luck!

No, I have ordered patterns and yarn from my lys. theres nothing else i really want other than the bamboo circs as i broke mine.

are rowan mags good then? something to look at getting in to see then i take it.
hmmm, soemthing to definatly look at

thank you