Can You Hear My Screams?


WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT TO FIND? :gah: :gah: :hair: :hair: :hair: :gah: :gah: :grrr: :hmm: :!!!:

I’VE BEEN WANTING TO knit with more than one color.
I looked at the intarsa and advanced techniques vids here, and there’s ONE thing missing on them!
This one thing missing is just, simply, missing! Or, I’m missing my eyeballs.
Especially with the floating or carrying the yarn techniques!
I’m reading this web page about mosaic knitting, and first photo, is, 15 sts in MC cast on to the needle.
Next photo?
All of a sudden, the CC sts are on the needle!!
:whoosh: :noway:

PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW TO KNIT WITH TWO COLORS, AND, HOW do I get that second color on there? WHAT DO YOU DO???:nails:

HELP! I can’t find anything in books, or online.

What’s the link to the page? Maybe we can help you find it.

If I am reading it correctly, you CO the 15 stitches of CC.

On the first row after the cast on, you knit the MC onto the needle. If you look at the third pic you can see that one row is all MC knit stitches so I guess it’s basically just like doing a different color join at that point.

There appears to be one row, the CO row, in all CC, a row of all MC knit stitches, and then that third row that establishes a CC/MC alternation.

They really did a poor job of explaining that part.

In the example you gave for mosaic knitting, she just knit with the second color for the next row. I think most mosaic is more of a slipped stitch-created pattern than switching colors in a row.

To join a new yarn for intarsia, this is what I do. I cast on in whatever the background color is. When I get to the point where I need to start the new color, I knit the first stitch with it. Then I bring the yarn strand from the old color over to the left on top of the new color’s strand. This will allow for the yarn to twist and avoid a hole when you work the next row.

The main thing to remember in intarsia is to hold the old color over to the left on top of the new color’s strand to allow it to twist at each junction.

For Fair Isle, just start knitting with the new color.

Never mind, I figured out how to attach new yarn, and how to
bring the yarn up the side, to do this.
It is fun!

As you can see, I started out corn-fuzed, but, got the hang of it.
Hubby thinks it’s pretty, too!


Yay, you’re getting there!

Yeah, it’s fun to learn how to knit something so pretty!
Kewl is the word!
Thanks for the encouragement, too, suzeeq.

OH I am gona go try this one@! I have two new colors from christmas!