Can you find the man in the coffee beans?

I couldn’t find him until I knew where to look.

I checked and I can see him even with the small picture. Happy hunting. Want a hint? Ask.

i see him. i win! :wink:


I’m brain dead. No competition for you. Sorry.

Yes and yikes!

Woo hoo! I found him! I normally fail at these things!



YIKES was my first response after finding him too


YIKES! is right. :zombie:

My response was, “OMG that’s creepy!” Where’s my coffee grinder?

Ok help a fellow out. I can’t see him. Where do I look?

He’s toward the bottom edge. :wink: Good luck!

I had to have a hint too.

Oh I was looking for something totally different. When I stopped making it so hard he pops right out.

Same here.

That actually really scared me when I found him. :lol: