Can you figure this out for me?

It’s a 14 stitch repeat pattern… and I love it! I saw a sweater coat made out of it at the market (here in Seoul, Korea- so, no way of knowing how they made it)… and I bought the same yarn to make one too!

I can’t figure anything out for you, but have to say that it is a beautiful yarn.

It’s a form of horseshoe lace… my pattern calls for 10sts + 1 and repeats on 8 rows:

Row 1: K1, *yo,k3,sk2po,k3,yo,k1; rep from * to end.
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: P1, *K1,yo, k2, sk2po,k2,yo,k1,p1; rep from * to end.
Row 4: K1, *p9,k1; rep from * to end.
Row 5: P1, *k2, yo, k1, sk2po,k1, yo, k2, p1; rep from * to end.
Row 6: As row 4
Row 7: P1, *k3, yo, sk2po, yo, k3, p1: rep from * to end.
Row 8: Purl

Sk2po- Sl 1, k2tog, pass sl st over (2 sts decreased)
Hope this helps~ Mary

Yes, it seems like a variation of Horseshoe lace with more sts between the YOs and decs. Like Row 1 would be k1, *yo, k5, sk2po, k5, yo, k1, etc. Or maybe not… play around with some scrap yarn and see what you can figure out from the basic pattern.

This site has tons of stitch patterns with pictures. It takes time to search, but you can find lots of stuff here.

Mary and suzeeq (and others who are able to do this) you COMPLETELY amaze me when you do this sort of thing. Or when people can look at the written pattern and imagine what the FO will look like without seeing a pic. I hope that it comes with experience, but in the meantime, for me at least, THANK YOU for being here!!

Thank you Ingrid for the site!

You’re sweet, Bethany… I found the pattern in The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton. This has been a fantastic reference guide for me and helped me transistion from just knit and purl to lace, edging, short row, cables, etc… It has projects in the back that utilize many of the stitches it teaches and an abbreviation glossary… a wealth of information. Mary

Thanks everybody… I tried to get the sellers of the yarn (which I did buy and it is so beautiful that I do want to make a sweater coat out of it too) to explain how it was made… asked for a pattern… (pointed to stitch pattern books/etc. hoping that the stitch was in one of the few books that they had-- they are all in Japanese- but, most have some graphs that you could follow) they did understand what I wanted but told me ‘op so’ (meaning, we don’t have, we are out, impossible, can’t be done, too late, no way jose, etc.)
But, they did hand me a xeroxed sheet of the sweater laid down on a xerox machine… so, I have that… a very dark copy.
So, I took a few photos and started counting the stitches in the pattern and I got 14 and they figured out what I was doing and held up fingers to say… 14 too.

The yarn is absolutely stunning… and I spent $150.00 on it and now I need to figure out how to make it.

So, thank you for helping me out…