Can you figure out what stitch this is?

Help! Can you save me hours of trial and error knitting and searching? My DS wants a scarf like this. Can anyone take a guess at the stitch used? Thanks so much!!! (And I don’t think there’s a better picture available. I know that would help.) :wall:

:?? It doesn’t look knit to me. :??

I think it is a terrycloth kitchen towel! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it looks like fabric to me, too. But, you could probably knock it off in knit by alternating white and black yarn…and…is there a black teeny tiny stripe vertically?

Ok you guys. Now that you’ve totally embarrassed me… I’m not sure you’re right. First, the picture’s not good enough to really tell - sorry, but it’s from the album shot on Amazon, and if they can’t get it any better, I don’t think I can. And second, a kitchen towel would be too short to wrap around a neck, tie, and go over the shoulder and down the front. Maybe it’s fabric, but looking through my stitch pattern books, it looks like it could be several different stitches, done with fairly thick yarn. For example, mock houndstooth stitch, bicolor tweed or granite stitch, woven bicolor stitch, bicolor hurdle stitch, etc. Then on the other hand, if I can’t tell the stitch, DS sure won’t be able to, so if it just looks similar, I can blame the blurry picture.

On this page there are quite a number of two-colour stitch patterns listed. Unfortunately, for me anyways, when I tried to view them I got only the instructions and no pictures :shrug: . Maybe it’s just me, or maybe the pictures are temporarily unavailable. You’d probably find something suitable there, though.

The pattern looks to me very much like a keffiyeh, the woven cotton square worn as a headdress by some Arab men, notably Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian leader. Dylan may or may not be making some kind of statement by wearing one as a scarf.

If it is a knit, you could probably duplicate it with slip-stitch or mosaic knitting, a simple technique that produces two-color knitting without stranding or intarsia.

Check Mosaic Knitting by Barbara G. Walker or any good reference book for details.

I’m sure one of the stitch patterns that you mentioned will work great for the scarf, Amy, and he will love it :cheering:

I don’t know how helpful this will be, but there was a stitch pattern in one of Barbara Walker’s Knitting Treasuries that reminded me of a 2-color woven kitchen towel, sort of plaid-like. I think it would work for your scarf, though I don’t remember whether it was reversible or not. If you happen to have the books, maybe you could page through them; if not, oh well, I tried. (I borrowed the books from the library so I don’t have them anymore.)

Thank you! xxx