Can you dye?

Can you dye cotton yarn with kool-aid?

I’m interested in the answer to this too… I want to dye my cotton silk top into a different color.

From what I’ve read, kool-aid, food coloring and acid dyes all work best on protein fibers. On cellulose fibers such as cotton, you’d have to use a procion dye (used with salt and soda ash to “fix” the color).

Has anyone actually tried it yet?

Try these sites:
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If you decide to give it a go, please post some pics and a story of your experience. I really enjoy dying with the kool-aid!

I did dye a cotton dishcloth at one time. It did take the dye and then every time I used it or washed it, it became lighter and lighter. It is now back to the original white.

I know it seems like you should be able to, because kool-aid stains seem so hard to get out…but you really do have to use fiber-reactive dyes to dye cotton and other plant fibers. :wink:

I’m a little dye dumb…what are fiber-reactive dyes?

I’m sure if you check the links I posted you’ll find something about it.


I will, I just haven’t had a chance.

Unless you can find Kool Aid very very cheaply, you’re usually better off buying some real dye, it works better and is cheaper in the long run.

I’ve had great luck using the dyes designed for tie dye t-shirts. It washes very well and is very bright. :teehee:

They are dyes that are taken by the yarn, like natural fibers. I really don’t think you can dye synthetics, but, why would you want to?

And I agree, I would look for a real dye, because Kool Aid quickly gets expensive.

I highly recommend Dharma Trading Co. to purchase dyes from. I purchased some acid dye from them and used it in a washing machine and it worked incredibly well. They also have excellent customer service.

I am not affiliated with company, just a happy customer.

Thank you! I’ve had their site book-marked for over a month now, but was waiting to buy until I had asked on KH. I wanted a couple of colors of their fiber reactive procion dye, and the fixer for the cotton top and some acid dye for wool.

Why don’t you go for printing on cotton fabric rather than doing dye?