Can you Double Knit with three colors?

Do I have knitted lots of ‘useless’ things. One of the ladies I work for drinks the little cokes and has to fold her koozie over because it is too big.

So I got the great idea to knit her a koozie specially for her little cokes. I want to personalize it, and she is a huge Georgia Fan so i wanted to knit the Georgia Logo on it. I made myself a little pattern, but It is Red, with a black G inside a white circle. I wanted to do double knitting because that will be reversible for her and I am much better at double knitting then any other form of two-color knitting.

I can’t figure out how to knit in the white (third) color. Any suggestions?

I would just knit the whole thing minus the white, then you can just duplicate the sts where you would have worked the white circle by using a tapestry needle and just sewing the yarn over the preexisting sts.
I hope that makes sense…maybe someone can elaborate a bit? I’m not sure how to explain it.

That makes sense. I knitted to the point of adding white. We will see how this goes!

Thanks! I’ll post pictures when I am done and hopefully it will turn out okay! :smiley: