Can You convert a pattern from straight needles to circular

Okay, I’m ready to take the plunge and do my first sweater. I have been looking for a simple sweater (with a free pattern) formy daughter (size 10-12). Having just purchased the Boyle Needlemaster kit my husband would like to see me do a project with them. I haven’t found much. Recommendations?

Can one convert a simple pattern for use on circular needles? I am liking this one, I think she would like it.

What do you all think?

This article might be helpful.


You can just knit the pattern flat, using the circular needles. They’re made for flat knitting too!

But if you’re eager to do something circular, you could knit the front and back together as one circular tube, from the bottom, up to the armholes, and then seperate them and follow the directions as given, with two separate halves. I’ve done that before; it’s a nice compromise. The only potential complication is gauge. Gauge is often different when knit in the round, than knit flat (because you may purl at different tension than you knit, and with circular, you don’t incorporate that purl stitch). So you may have to adapt the pattern for your two gauges.

Have fun with your new set!

I actually made this as my first sweater! :wink: But I didn’t use any dpn or circulars. :? Maybe they changed the pattern?

Anyhoo …
How about these? They are listed as beginner:
Or have you been to ?

Good luck!

Regarding adapting patterns from flat to circular knitting, the book A Second Treasury of Knitting Stitches by Barbara Walker has an excellent chapter all about this. This is a pretty old book; I think it was published in 1970, but check your library for it. It’s great! All of her books are, in my opinion.

I use circ’s for EVERYTHING. just act like they are straights and flip it around when you get to the end of the row. Have fun with your new set! I just got one of the same and am pretty impressed as I was planning on bamboo’s but decided to take the Boye’s for a test spin.