Can you carry on knitting needles when you fly?

Anybody know? I haven’t flown since I’ve started knitting but figure it would be a good time to get some knitting done!

All travel info can be found here:

Depending on where you’re going, yes. I haven’t had any problems on my two trips over the last year and a little. It helps if you’ve got yarn on the needles, I think.


The link to the TSA’s list that I was going to post is posted above. :stuck_out_tongue:
Scroll down to see their big yes/no list.
Yes, knitting needles are allowed. I think they’re more worried about your shampoo now. Remember to check all that or put it in small bottles in a quart sized bag. I haven’t flown since this September. For some reason I had thought that they would have started letting personal higene products back on planes by now. Silly me.

If you bring scissors make sure the tip is rounded and they’re cheap. I like to bring an extra bag just in case I need to check something that I didn’t expect or you can use it to bring more things back with you.

Have fun on your trip. :slight_smile:

I just traveled 2 weeks ago with metal circulars. No problems. I did get a recommendation previously to bring a SASE to mail any needles home if they do not let you take them on the plane because I believe the TSA recs say it is the discretion of the screening agent. I have traveled 3 times in the last year and had not problems, but I bring that envelope just in case.

I have always had something started on my needles.


i traveled with metal circs a month ago. no problems. I think that scissors less than 4 inches long are also permitted.

and if you fly with your quart size bag filled with goodies, when you go through screening, make sure you pull it out and lay it on top of everything else. i had to go through and extra bag check because I didn’t know.

Perhaps we should sticky one of these threads. Seems like this question gets asked every week.

I just laugh when I see this question. Unless you are flying first class, how can you possibly pull out the needles and yarn, flex your elbows out, and knit? The seats are too close together, and if you are lucky enough to have an aisle seat, the drink cart clips your arm! And forget reaching for anything if the person in front of you reclines their seat. When I started knitting, it sounded so practical to spend the time on board being productive, but it was impossible. I might bring the knitting with me, but I save it for the down time on vacation!

I just make sure that I have a small project and use circular or double point needles. it’s not any harder to knit than it is to just sit stagnant for a whole flight. Plus then it takes my mind off just how unfomfortable I am…

Instead of bringing scissors, I use nail clippers to cut my yarn. They’re smaller and more portable, and overprotective security personnel are less likely to take them.

And ditto to Sandra’s comment about circulars - I hardly ever use single points any more. Circs are so much easier and more comfortable!


This is going to drive me crazy! :wall:

On domestic flights (within the USA), unless something new happens in the future, your knitting needles are %100 allowed. It doesn’t matter if they are made of metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, depleated uranium or cookie dough. It doesn’t matter if they are pointy, blunt, circular, streight or double pointed. In the TSA document it makes no distinction it just states “Knitting and Crochet needles = Yes” They are all allowed. Bring your whole knitting bag and stash if you want to, it’s fine.

Your pointy scissors are %100 allowed, unless the blades are longer than 4 inches. TSA is not less likely to confiscate your nail clippers than your scissors, they are not going to confiscate either, provided that your scissor blades are under 4 inches long.

Just download and read the newest version of the TSA rules before you take your trip. It’s not going to be a different story when you get to the security checkpoint. Those are the rules. The rules are the rules.

International flights may have different rules, check with the specific airline before packing your bags.

Sheesh. Sorry I lost my cool.

I’ve never been on an airplane except a small fly around town airplane… dh talked me into it… I would need my knitting with me or I’d drive the other passengers crazy :teehee:

I agree though I would like to see a sticky posted showing what can or can’t be brought onto an airplane… this question is asked often and this way the answer would be there to help everyone :happydance:

Yarnharlot says they let her acrry hers…tehe

WOW–thanks for your answers, everyone. Sorry I wasn’t able to scroll through and read all the posts to see that the ? had been asked recently. I don’t have much time to browse on here, and that being said, I’m taking every minute of free time I have sitting on a plane to knit! It’s the only time I will probably be unoccupied while away. Anyway, looks like a go–thanks! (I’m a very infrequent flyer too, so haven’t read up on the TSA rules)

I flew in May and had no problems with my knitting needles…had a pair of metal needles (could have done without those, but for some reason thought I needed them :thinking: ), and my bamboo circulars. No questions asked. I took a medium size project that I could knit up easily…it was all in garter stitch so no fancy stitching or shaping. I also took a small project to practice my pattern stitches but realized later that at that time I was such a new knitter that trying to follow even a simple pattern was too hard for me on a plane!

When I fly in a few weeks I plan to take another simple project on the plane, and a couple of my favorite knitting magazines. I agree there isn’t much room to get much knitting done, but even a little project is nice to have, plus I love having a magazine to look at between stitches. Just take only what you need and pack the rest of your supplies and yarn for when you arrive if you plan to knit at your destination. I have a little travel bag that I take with me wheneven I take my knitting with me and have another box of supplies that I organize and take on longer trips if needed.

Have a great trip!

I’ve flown on multiple work trips this year and the only problem I’ve had is that the screeners don’t quite understand bamboo needles, guess they look odd on the xray machine— I always make sure to pack them on top just in case. Then they can be pulle out if they wonder and my project is easily accessible. And I second the sock idea— if you put them in a little bag around your wrist it also gives you something to do while you wait in the annoyingly long lines at security checkpoints!

No matter where you fly, British Airways apparently do not let them onboard. Something about knitters being dangerous yarn obsessed loonies likely to strangle the captain with their stash and put the needles in their mouths to make funny faces. Like shyeah right - I’d really waste good yarn strangling the captain!

I just flew domestically in Canada and had no problem with metal needles at all. they didn’t even open my bag. :slight_smile:

They let me bring my knitting with me even to accompany an unaccomanied Minor to her Flight be it international or intranational
they gave my 8yo daughter grief about her hand cream, but never me with my knitting


yes, but the TSA does recommend that u do not use metal, and that your scissor have blunt points