Can you buy a whole set of aluminum DPN's?

I bought the bamboo set on ebay a while back, sizes 0-15 or something like that, but I can’t find aluminum DPN’s on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t want to buy them individually as it’s a heck of a lot more money that way, but am I out of luck here? Do I have to buy them one size at a time?
Dear God, please say I can get them in one set. :pray:

P.S. Please forgive me if this question has been posted already, I’ve been searching for over an hour and just wanted to get an answer quicker than I would have found a thread. :mrgreen:

I have never seen a set of aluminum dpn’s, and actually, I’m not sure they come in sets. I’ve really only seen the bamboo in sets, and I got my set from a fellow KH’er a long time ago. I don’t even know of anyone that uses aluminum dpns all that regularly. :?? I do have an individual size, but that’s all.

I’ve seen sets with about 4 or 5 sizes, from 0-4s or so; sold as a sock needle set. I think they were Boye and were at Hobby lobby, Joann or Michael’s. Possibly at walmart too.

What about Knitpicks? Don’t they have sets? You might have to buy a couple to get them all but I’d try there.

I use the aluminun DPN’s and recently lost one of my needles and could not find a replacement set anywhere I tried Joanns,Michaels Wallmart and my LYS.I don’t do ebay but I did post on freecycle and got a replacement set from a fellow freecycle.

Yes they do (or did) I inherited tons of aluminum dpn’s plus I also have "plastic dpn’s… Most sets I own are 5 in each…I put all these up for swap some time ago…Let’s just say I have from 0 to size 12 or 13 in either aluminum or plastic…

They are not aluminum…but I love the Knitpicks nickle plated ones…they are by far the best DPNs I have ever used…!

I guess they don’t have to be aluminum, just not bamboo. At first I liked them because my knitting didn’t fall off, but now it’s impossible to move the yarn because it just sticks to the wood. And it doesn’t matter my tension, even if it’s loose, it’s still too hard too slide.

Thanks for the help. :thumbsup:

Hi! :waving:

I agree with Crycket - Knit Pick’s nickle plated dpn’s are the BEES KNEES! :yay: They come in a set and they’ve also come out with some 8" long ones for larger projects. They are AWESOME to work with and they look almost indestructible.

But whatever you get, enjoy!!!:woohoo:

Happy knitting! :knitting:

KnitPicks is having a sale on their aluminum DPNs, 6" with 6 sizes. Good luck!

They are [U]nickel plated brass[/U] not aluminum. They do have sets though. :wink:

Just a note for anyone considering them… they are 6 and 8 inch. The larger sizes are 8 inch which some people find too long.

Is there a big difference between the 2? Or just a personal preference?

Unless you are in a hurry for a particular size you might check thrift stores. I saw some at local store for a dollar a set–they had several purple DPN’s, was tempted but didn’t need them really.

I find seemingly obscure stuff like that here:

They have two types of aluminum DPNs here, and they’re cheap :stuck_out_tongue: