Can you add stitches to an already knit row?

So I started the rib stitch of the bottom of a sweater and when I measured it is was about an inch and a half too big so I counted how many stitches were in an inch and started again subtracting that many. I measured the piece again after finishing the rib and already 12 rows into the body of the piece, and now the piece was almost 3 inches smaller instead of an inch and a half.

Long story short I dont want to start over again and was wondering if there was anyway to add to the width. Such as like adding stitches even though the row is done.

Or do you think if I unravel to the rib and add as many stitches I need to the body that a tighter rib on the bottom will be fine.


Also I am working with circular needles by the way

Rib stretches so it needs to either be done on fewer stitches than stockinette or worked on smaller needles, usually down 2 sizes from the stockinette needles. Yes, if you go back to the last round of rib you can increase evenly around to add in the number of additional stitches you need as you work the first round of stockinette.

What pattern are you using? A link to it would be nice. I made an assumption that you’re doing the body in stockinette. As you adjusted the number of stitches downward, it might be possible to simply switch to larger needles.

The pattern is here, and yes I do actually switch to bigger needles as well.

Thanks for the link. Did you notice the AT THE SAME TIME part where it says to work increases?

When piece measures 5 cm work 2 rounds garter st, AT THE SAME TIME inc 20-10-6-6-22-18-18 sts evenly on last round = 228-240-256-276-312-328-348 sts.

Yes I did notice that, Im saying the rib is about 2 inches smaller than it should be when I tried to correct it for being an inch and a half bigger than I wanted it

If it’s too small all I can suggest is starting over. There may be another solution that someone else can offer. In your original post I thought you meant the body portion was too small but the revised rib was fine. It’s a lovely pattern, I expect that you’ll get it to work out and be pleased with the result.