Can yarn be jinxed?

OK. I have this Snuggly DK mint baby yarn that I bought a long time ago – more than 7 years ago. I bought it to start a baby blanket for my sister who was trying at the time for her second child Well, unfortunatly their marriage ended in divorce while I was knitting this blanket and I just put it away for a long time because it made me sad. In fact I gave up knitting for nearly 5 years. At some point I got out that old blanket and tried to finish it, but my gauage was totally different, or maybe it wasn’t even the same needles, and I no longer liked the pattern anymore anyways – bad vibes I guess. So I put the blanket away again but at least time I kept on clickin – partailly due to finding KH and being inspired to try things other than baby blankets. About a year ago I frogged the blanket and did some stuff to try and get the already knitted yarn to relax. In the meantime my sister remarried and I made a pretty blanket for their new baby. I know they want a second and believe she is trying again so this time I decided to knit that old yarn into something new for the hopefully coming baby. Well, I’ve knit nearly 2 balls (I have only 4 and 3/4 balls) and I can tell that I don’t have enough, that the blanket will be too skinny and look funny. Also, I like the pattern but the ‘bobbles’ don’t stay nice and puffed out, rather they disappear into the back which bugs me but I know I’ve made them right according to the pattern. So I’ve decide to frog it yet again.

So what’s up with this yarn? Can yarn be jinxed? Do I need to do an unjinxing ceremony? I’m sure all yarn yearns to be knitted into something beautiful – is the third time a charm? I’m tempted to just put it away again but feel sort of sad for the yarn. What to do?

Definitely! I have a ball of sock yarn identical to another ball from which I have successfully knit a nice pair of socks. This yarn has been nothing but a nightmare. One foot too long, had to redo the pattern twice.

oh, yeah! I bought this great yarn a while back and started knitting something with it. didn’t like it and frogged it. :frog: came back later to try making something else with it. didn’t like it. frogged. :frog: again. frogged. :frog:

The yarn is now threadbare (if a yarn can be threadbare) and useless.

Cursed! yeah, cursed. :gah: :hair: :waah:


Oh YES! I have some Cottontots that is most assuredly jinxed.

I buried it at the bottom of one of my yarn bins.

Yes, I have begun to think so…

I totally think there is some sort of yarn karma…or something…

There are evil balls out there…just waiting…

I agree - yarn has a life of its own.

I had, dare I say it, mint green yarn that I was going to make into a baby blanket (not for me). My son, who at the time was about a year and half old (he is now 10), helped to frog that blanket. At the time, the blanket was three quarters complete - mad mommy. I then decided to try a baby sweater with the yarn - to frustrated to re-knit the blanket - sweater is partially complete, still on needles 8-9 years later in the bottom of my bin. The sweater was not knitting up nicely, hard to work with, etc… I think I may just throw it out or donate it to the art room at my son’s school.

The other skeins of yarn that I had that were never knit into that first blanket, became a great baby blanket, sweater, and hat. All received 1st place at our local fair. Just weird.

Yes, yarn has a life and karma all its own - sometimes it actually lets us knit/crochet it into something beautiful and at other times just frustrates the hell out of us.

Hi! :waving:

Interesting post! Hadn’t thought about the possibility of yarn being jinxed. Could happen, I guess!

But maybe it’s just a matter of having some yarn that’s just not very simpatico with you at the time.

My suggestion? Instead of burying it in a box or bin, thus creating clutter and taking up needed space (for other, “happier” yarn) why not just set it free? Part ways with it and let it get out there and find it’s own destiny. Worst case scenario, it’s out of your storage bin and off your mind!

Meanwhile, happy knitting - whatever yarn you’re using!

Ruthie :waving:

Yes, I have had the very same thought. I frogged a sweater because it turned out awfully. Now, a new project with the same yarn (an afghan) is encountering incredible obstacles. Maybe yarn has KARMA.

It is either the yarn, or the sheep…or in the case of the acrylics…the acrylic monster…

Maybe that one silk worm when out and bit off the head of another silkworm…who knows the sneaky way karma works…I am assuredly thinking that it is not us who carry said jinx…