Can this scarf be saved?

I am using Plymouth Encore (75% acrylic 25% wool) and Knit Picks Swish Superwash to knit an illusion scarf. The pattern is basically k 2 rows, p 1 row, k 1 row - with switches of the k/p in the center of some rows where the images are. I am about 70" into it and have basically ended up creating a tube :wall:. I read through the sticky on stockinette curling, but with all the garter stitch in there I didn’t think that this would curl like it has. So, my question is, what can I do (if anything) to flatten this out? I am concerned that the yarns won’t block well (and would be thrilled if someone told me I was worrying needlessly!). Right now I am thinking that I should just finish it up and then go back and pickup stitches and knit a border all the way around (pick up one stitch, knit 5, reverse back to edge of scarf, pick up another stitch from the scarf, reverse knit 5, etc) - would that work? Or are there some other alternatives I am not thinking of? This is very frustrating as the knitting itself and the image are coming out great - but you can’t see it if it keeps curling up!

Thanks for any ideas you may have!

I’m sorry it’s curling. I would have thought illustion scarves lie flat because of the purl rows.:??

I’m afraid that it won’t block, though. I think I’d pick up stitches all down the side to add the border with a long circ. I can’t quite picture what you were planning on doing, so I can’t tell you if it would work.

Thanks Ingrid, that is another alternative I was thinking of…but, my oh my, what a lot of stitches to pick up! How horribly frustrating this is :hair:

I am having the same problem with my Dark Mark scarf…

I am about halfway done with it (I’m on the middle section), but I just don’t have the heart to work on it right now because of all the curling. :sad:

Yes, IBAmyB, that is the same one I am doing (you may have seen my post on th HP Thread too!). I am halfway through Chart 3 so I am going to go ahead and finish it then work on the “curling issue”. If I come up with a solution I will be sure to post it both here and in the HP so keep your eye out. Over on the HP thread someone suggested lining the back of it with fleece to stabilize it - if all else fails I will try that, although I would prefer to find a “knitting solution”. I’m looking through my knitting books now to see if I can find something that may work…

This was supposed to be a quick, easy “just because” gift for my BIL…oh well :wall::wall::wall:

you could put some black fabric on the back. that would help to stabilize it and keep people from “cheating”. i made the hedwig illusion dishcloth. when i showed it to my dad, he turned it over and said “it’s an owl!” :doh:

i think someone in the HP KAL said she was going to put fleece on the back of hers. it sounds like a good idea, especially if it’s curling.