Can this hat be saved?

I have only been knitting for a few months–I’ve made some scarves. I decided to branch out and try the umbilical cord hat pattern in Stitch N Bitch. The pattern called for me to CO 64 stitches. For some reason, I kept thinking it was 74 stitches, and I now have 3 inches of hat with 74 CO stitches instead of 64. Once I have 5" of hat, the pattern calls for me to knit 8 and then use a place marker–I was supposed to do this 8 times. So, will the hat be a big ole mess if I do a placemarker for every 8 stitches 9 times (I’ll have 2 stitches left over-)? Uggh! Is there anything I can do to salvage this, or should I just frog it and start over? Thanks for helping a newbie out!
P.S. It was originally meant to be for my newborn nephew, but since I made it too big, I was thinking if I salvage it, I could use it for my toddler-

You can first dec 2 sts, one at the beginning of the round, and one halfway around. That gets your st number to 72 which will work with putting the marker every 8 sts so you can decrease it.

I would agree with Suzze on this althougn maybe do it in a slightly different way. I would deacrease 1 stitch at the start of the row using K2tog and count it as one stitch. I would then place the markers as the pattern says (every 8 stitches (counting from that first k2tog) then at the very end of the row i would do another k2tog.

I am working on this same pat…right now…I (FYI I co’d 62sts)…I am using a US6 circ needle…Here’s my question to you…First of all what size needle/yarn are you using? I really don’t think 10 extra sts are going to be that big of a deal…I’ll keep checkin for you reply :hug:

I am confused. I asked a totally different question in the new post about using dpn and using stitch markers??

Oh-duh. I see. You meant that questions about this pattern go in this thread. Sorry about that! I am using 5 mm circular needles. I might not be advanced enough for this pattern because the part with the dpn has thrown me for a loop. I just tried to decrease down to 64 stitches so I could follow the pattern exactly, but now it’s just turning into a big ole mess.

Oh-duh. I see. You meant that questions about this pattern go in this thread. Sorry about that!

Exactly. Since it was basically the same question I felt it belonged here. :wink:

I think the mod who deleted it thought it was a duplicate of your first post.

You wrote that you don’t understand about where to place the markers. It says "knit 8 stitches and place stitch marker between each 8 for one round. Next step is to knit 16 stitches onto a double pointed needle… and it says “be careful to slip the sm between the stitches and repeat 3 times more.”

You should have placed a marker every 8 sts and slip the markers from one needle to another when you come to them. Leave the markers where they are when you switch to dpns because you will decrease enough stitches that they won’t go around the circular anymore. Or use Magic Loop - video on the Advanced Techniques page. And I think it’s assuming you have a 5 needle set, 16 sts on 4 needles = 64 sts.

Sorry-I am trying to figure out this dpn deal. I knit 16 stitches on the first dpn, but I am unsure how to proceed with the next double pointed needle. I can’t knit from the first dpn onto the second dpn, so should I be picking up stitches? I searched the videos, but I’m not sure I see anything similar to what I’m doing–would that be the magic round video you mentioned? Thanks again!

You would use another dpn and just knit another 16 sts onto it, then another on the next needle. That’s what this means “knit 16 stitches onto a double pointed needle… repeat 3 times more.” It assumes you have a 5 needle set and you knit 16 sts onto 4 needles and use the 5th one to knit.

Sorry one more question! I think this is my last. Well, I hope so. I did figure out how to knit on to the dpn from the circular. But then when I started knitting around with the dpn’s, I did something wrong because all of my stitches were ending up on one of the dpns. Am I supposed to shift the stitches over to the next dpn as I go? I got frustrated and then knit everything back onto the circular needles, and now it really is a big old mess which I will have to frog, but live and learn I guess. :teehee:

Assuming you have a set of 5 dpns, with 16 stitches on each of four dpns. You would use the 5th dpn to knit the 16 stitches from dpn 1. Then when dpn 1 is empty, use it to knit the stitches from dpn 2. When dpn 2 is empty, use it to knit the stitches from dpn 3, etc. Make sense? :slight_smile:

WAIT DON’T FROG If you got everything back onto the circ!!! Just re-start the DPN process…re-read SuzeeQ’s post ( BTW she is the bomb/guru) take a deep breath and re-start…What you are working on is the crown/dec part of the hat…I just did that part last night (started too anyway) and like I said, I cast on 62 sts not 64 so I will adjust the dpn’s to compensate for the 2 less sts… Hope I am not too late…:hug: Oh and I think you only need to use 4needles and 1needle ( pair of 5) for knitting…16number of stsx4dpns=64

Ahhh. Thank y’all both so much for clarifying! I only had 4 dpn, and now I see why I was completely baffled as to what to do next after I had knitted on to the 4th dpn. I rechecked the pattern, and it does indeed call for 5 dpn.

You are sooo welcome…never despair, you are the “boss” of the project, don’t let it get the best of you…set it aside, breath (check this forum:hug: ) and keep on goin…:knitting:if you’re determined you’ll get there…

You can actually use the circ as the 5th dpn, or just use it and 1 or 2 of the dpns. Anything that allows you to work the sts in the round.