Can this be knit on circulars?

I want to knit the Rowan Fyne vest pattern on circulars instead of knitting flat and so be able to do the back and front at the same time. Since I’ve never done any such thing, I need to know if this is reasonable! It would mean 226 sts on one circular, and when I got to the armhole decreases, I guess I would transfer to two sets of needles and then knit back and forth??? Also, it’s a stranded 59 row pattern repeat, and I’m more comfortable on circs. Maybe this is a stupid idea, but I hate the thought of knitting the same thing twice and then having to assemble it all. Any thoughts?

Thats what I want to know too! I want to knit a sleeveless top, with a cable running down the middle of the back and front. The pattern uses flats, but I was wondering if I could use circulars, plus I would like to eliminate the back cable and just have the front one.
SO any info regarding this subject would be GREATLY appreciated!

It’s hard to tell without seeing the pattern, but if it’s knit from the hem up, it’s fairly easy to switch to circulars. Make sure you mark the “side seams” when you start, for purposes of inc, dec, armholes, etc. And you’ll need to double check that you have the correct number of stitches OTN for any pattern stitches (like ribbing… for a 2x2 you need a multiple of 4, etc.).

Flat to circ is pretty easy so long as you allow for the right st count for your pattern. In some instances you might need to incorp a fake side seam (for instance, for stitch stability…to prevent twisting…which can be more of a problem on larger garments). Once at the armholes, you can continue to work both fronts/backs if you have sufficient skeins/bobbins. Some might find that cumbersome and opt to do them separately. I prefer to work them tog so that BOs, decs, row ct, st patterns all match and line up.