Can this be done?

First of all, I’m SO HAPPY that there’s now a crochet forum–yay! I learned to do the chain stitch and single crochet as a young girl, but never progressed beyond that, and my tension is terrible, so I figured I’d learn how to knit instead, taking classes, and learning all of the basics from an instructor. But I still wish I could crochet…hopefully this forum will help me to try it again.

Anyway, since my tension crocheting is terrible (I guess I can’t get that holding-the-yarn-in-the-left-hand thing downpat!), is it at all possible to hold the hook in your right hand while holding the yarn in the right hand also like you would do to knit English style? I really don’t want to try holding the hook with my left hand…I think it would be too hard for me to try something new like that this late in the game (I’m getting too old to learn new stuff! :rofl:)

You can! You just have to wrap the yarn [B]over[/B] the hook instead of under it, like you would a needle. The motions aren’t as smooth, but who cares?

Yay, yay, and yay!!! Thanks, Conti–you made my whole day!!! I’ve got a lot on my plate right now to finish knitting-wise, but boy, once I finish that stuff up, I’m going to try a swatch using this method. I’m SO EXCITED!!! :woohoo:If I can crochet with a good tension and start making a few things here and there, my grandma would be so proud. :cheering:

I tried crocheting in that style and it looks just like ‘regular’ crocheting. There was absolutely no difference in the stitches.

yep- as long as you are consistent, it will be fine! go for it!

I just learned to crochet recently cookworm… have I met you before?:think::think::think::rofling:
Just an FYI: I learned from KHer’s here that if you want to see some free crochet videos for help… you can go to or google

BTW: what are you planning to crochet…:waving: