Can this be done?

I have 2 intarsia hats to be done, is it possible to knit the intarsia section separately on straights, and then just knit it in to the rest of the hat as it’s being knitted on the circs?

I’ve never tried this but it’ll work. You could use a provisional cast on, work the intarsia flat then seam and finish it in the round. You’d then undo the provisional and work in the round down to the brim. Maybe add a stitch or two to the intarsia for the seam.
If it’s a large section of intarsia, you might just knit the whole thing flat.
I’m knitting my first intarsia sweater in the round. It’s worked by knitting short rows so it’s like knitting the intarsia flat. Here’s one way to do that:

Thank you, these are the 2 patterns:


Those will make very nice hats. I get such a giggle out of the minions.

My bestie is Minion mad! I also won a minion stuffed toy, and minion modelling clay (she’s never quite grown up fully :joy: ) in a tombola so she’ll get those too!

Ps, this is an actual village in Cornwall!

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Thank you. Now I know where we need to travel next!