Can someone who is in Ravelry already help me out?

I found a sock pattern to go with my Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn at the Moda Dea site, but (see my other thread) I’ve decided not to use it. If you have a moment, could someone please do a search under that yarn type and link me up to any free sock patterns that others have used with it? I would be VERY grateful!!! (6,953 people are still ahead of me on the waiting list, waaaaah!)

Here are a couple on Ravelry:

I am sure I could find more, but I have to get ready for work!

Quite a few people made these:


Someone made this:


and then there was this:


and this:

Wendy’s Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern

and then this:

Lion Brand Self Striping Socks

That should give you a place to start!