Can someone tell me why?

Why is knitting depicted with the ends of the needles pointed upwards? I have never seen anyone actually knit that way, the needles are always downward. :shrug:


I have to say, when I knit the needles tend to point up… (Conti knitter)…

Do you hold your needles like when you hold pencils to write, or like you’d hold a knife handle when chopping food?

My needles point upwards. I hold my needles exactly like I do my crochet hooks, like I’m holding a knife. I hold my needles the same way wether i’m knitting english or continental.


When you say that the “ends” of the needles point upwards, do you mean the non-pointy ends?

I knit with my needles almost parallel to the ground - straight across. They only “bend” momentarally (sp) when I’m doing a stitch.

Since learning to knit, I get a kick out of watching people “knit” on tv or in movies. It’s so easy to see that it’s so fake. lol

I knit with my needles pointing up.

By which I mean, the pointy ends are towards the sky.

Is that what the OP was about?

I watched Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, and was amused to see the Ma Otter puppet knitting in one scene, and her neighbor spinning in another. I don’t think they even bothered to find out the basic motions of how one knits or spins, LOL.

Yes, I meant the non-pointy ends, not the pointy tip!

Aha! At first I thought you practiced some kind of fancy schmancy exotic knitting!

Well, I just did a google image search on knitting needles and they do show them pointy ends down quite often, don’t they? Maybe photographers just like to pose them that way because they’re more aesthetically pleasing and/or they just don’t know any better. Maybe psychologically, when they’re not actually in use, they seem “safer” with pointy ends down. :thinking: Good observation!

I heard that historically, privilaged women knit with the points down to be more aesthetically pleasing. Don’t make me find that link, though, I totally forget where I found it.