Can someone tell me what these mean?

Thanks in advance!
I am doing a Debbie B toy and I can’t understand a couple of the directions. So here it goes:
… 18 sts. Cont in st st, inc one st at each end of 6th. row and (this is what I don’t understand…) 4 foll 8th. rows… 28 sts
K2, sl 1, yf, turn, sl1, k2
Does this mean that after k2 and sl1 you turn and knit over the same stitches?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, MW:knitting:

Hiya Roxo,
From what I can tell, it’s telling you to increase every 6th row on each and and THEN every every 8th row 4 times til you have 28 stitches total. (Looks like there’s something missing there to tell you the truth) But if I’ve done the math correctly, you’ll increase every 6th row 1 time then every 8th row 4 times (ten total new stitches, 5 increase rows)
Now for the other part, that’s a wrap n turn. You work the required amount of stitches, then knit 2 stitches, slip the next stitch, bring your yarn to the front like you would purl, and turn (wrap and turn)
Now on the return row, you are going to slip that first stitch, and k2 then follow the directions for the rest of the row.
Yeah you will be turning and working those stitches you just did.:thumbsup:

Yup, fibrenut is right. Inc on each end of the 6th row, then every 8th row (so row 14, 22, etc) until you have 28 stitches.

For the wrap & turn bit, there’s a video of that on this site that is very helpful.

I think I got it . thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help! I think I understand. What is that video you mentioned? Thanks again

Scroll down to “short row with wraps”

It was helpful, thank you. MW