Can someone tell me what kind of knitting style is this?

I just learned what a purl stitch and a knit stitch was from the Internet. My mom’s advice (she’s a knitter too but I think she was taught by my grandma) about knitting was to use both right after eachother when knitting so neither side would be bumpy. I wanted to know if this was a actual style so next project I would know if I should just pick a style or keep using this one.

Welcome to knitting! Usually, patterns will be written for a particular stitch type. When you knit back and forth in rows, stockinette stitch alternates one row knit and one row purl. One side has smooth Vs and the other side shows bumps. Your picture is garter stitch which is done by knitting all the rows or purling all the rows.
Here are some pictures:

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Thank you for the information! The website was really helpful so thank you x 2!

It’s not a style of knitting, but rather a stitch pattern. (There is a difference)

It is garter stitch – one of the very most basic patterns one learns when beginning knitting. It is only the knit stitch – every row all the time. Very boring after a time, which is why we quickly move on to the purl stitch so that we get some variety.

While learning from the internet, or your Mom, might be good, I would very strongly suggest that you take a class at your local shop or guild. Take something for a beginner so you don’t get frustrated. You will learn so very much, such as how to hold your yarn more efficiently, or little tips that we all take for granted. The internet is not always correct! I’ve seen some very strange and some very wrong things being touted as the way to knit. You need to be very discerning!

Stick with it. It might be daunting sometimes, but will get better with experience. Please knit at least ONE row each and every day… no matter how late it gets to be, you must always knit at least one row (or more, depending on how you feel). That is the only way you will get to be better. And take a class.