Can someone tell me of a yarn so tough I can tumble dry it on high for at least 1/2 hour?

The terrible, horrible truth is: I’ve got bed bugs. That means that when the exterminator shows up in two days anything that can’t take a full half hour or more in the dryer on the highest possible setting gets quarantined in the basement for a year. Anyone know what yarns, if any, can be tumble dried on high for a half hour or more…so I can make myself replacements? HUGE THANKS FOR HELPING! :muah:

If you’re going to make replacements, you won’t need to dry them in the dryer. But most acrylics should be able to take half an hour in the dryer. Make a sample and try it.

Red Heart Super Saver, and good luck!

I’d test them first like Sue suggested, but I think most acrylics would be fine now as would most superwash wools.

OMG I feel for you. The worst I’ve yet had to deal with was head lice and that was a big enough, bad enough job. Bedbugs must be that much worse.

Is the need for anything new to be able to go through the dryer for 1/2 hr. because you might need to retreat everything?

RHSS is tough, so I agree with Charlotte on that., and you don’t want to risk ruining expensive yarns.

Best of luck to you.