Can someone suggest a pattern like this sweater vest???

Hi ALL!!! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well!!

I have wanted to knit a sweater vest forever but when I look on Ravelry, I can’t find a plain 'ol pattern. I’m not a good enough knitter to create the pattern but one of the websites I like to shop on had the EXACT vest I’ve been looking for. Instead of buying it, I’d like to make it. Does anyone know of a pattern that looks like this?

Thanks for any help!!!

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That looks really nice! I hope you can find what you’re looking for :slight_smile: in the meantime, I found a few, if you’re ok adapting patterns to your own taste? I really like this first one as is, but see what you think:

Make the neck hole smaller and the rib sections larger? I think you could get this one to look very similar if not just like the Toast version!

Thanks so much! I do really like the one in the tutorial…I’ve never modified anything before but maybe it’s time to learn. That last tutorial is almost exactly what I’m looking for. I have a friend here who for sure could help me modify it, she’s an incredible knitter. THANK YOU!


Yay, glad I could help! :grin:

I think my main problem was that I was searching for “vest”, which brought up the wrong stuff. When I look for “tank top” I see other patterns that would also work. I think of a tank top as an undergarment so it never occurred to me to look for that.


You could also try googling “sweater” (or jumper in UK) pattern. Leave the sleeves off. Lion brand Yarn and Yarnspirations have a large free pattern base.


I too would love a free pattern but mine would need to be beginners, the vests are beautiful, the Vermont site has beautiful patterns but don’t appear to be free. Also looking for a men’s sweater that is easy/beginner. Not ready to pay for patterns yet as these are all firsts a great question and some great responses thanks

Sorry for the late reply but have you checked on Ravelry? I did find several vest patterns and I think a few of them were free.