Can someone please tell me what stitch was used to make this dress

Hi! can someone please tell me what stitch was used to crochet thi :slight_smile:

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Crochetters, what do you think?

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1st row is 1sc 1ch.
2row is 2sc in space of ch
Alternate that two rows.
At least it looks like that to me :smiley: try


OMG!! thank you so so much! :heartbeat: I’m going to try it

I’m sorry I might be wrong, can’t recreate same looks.

That’s my guess too.

What about hdc, ch 1, and then 2 sc in the chain spaces? It looks taller than 2 rows of sc. Then on the repeat rows, do the hdc BETWEEN pairs of scs…not in the top of the stitch? I’m guessing as well…And no, that’s not it. Maybe a variation of Bead Stitch? With the puffs done around hdcs instead of dcs?

That’s okay I appreciate it!

:smiley: Thank you! I’ll give it a try

It make difference knitting in round, but still cant get same looks.

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I know, it’s a real puzzler!

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Try a Granite stitch with DC in stead of SC.

Row 1: DC, chain 1, repeat across, end with DC in each of last 2 stitches.
Repeat Row 1.

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