Can someone please tell me what a duplicate stitch is?

HI there,

I’m am trying to finish up my latest project which is the Anouk pattern from (I don’t know how to do the fancy hyperlinks either)

The pockets are to be done in intarsia and I’ve never done it. Tried intarsia last night with miserable results. The pattern also states that the flower on the pocket can be added with dupilcate stitch.

Note: If you find knitting intarsia too difficult, knit the pocket all in CC2 and then add the flower using duplicate st.

Can someone tell me what duplicate stitch is? I’ve search the site and watched videos. Is this referring to me changing colors with duplicate stitch join? Because the pattern makes it seem like the entire pocket is done in the MC (for the pocket) then add the CC’s later in duplicate stitch.


Duplicate stitch is a way of embrodering on to a knitted item. This site will help explain and show the techniques.

Hi. Knitty Gritty just showed the duplicate stitch this week, maybe Monday or Tuesday (you can go to DIY or HGTV and search for it I can’t remember which one it was on). I had actually just mentioned to my husband a few weeks back that I wondered about a way to make designs on a sweater without having to work two colors at the same time… I haven’t tried fair isle or intarsia yet. The duplicate stitch is EXACTLY what I was imagining in my head.
On knitty gritty, they showed how you knit the piece then thread different yarn on a tapestry needle. You go up at the bottom of the stitch you want covered, then go down through the top on one side, then come up the top on the other side and back down through the bottom where you started, so you basically covered the original stitch with what looks just like a new knit stitch. I hope this helps!